Ring of Honor: Showdown in the Sun.

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  1. Ring of Honor had their little live stream going on GoFightLive.TV, and apparently one of them really screwed something up. The video on the website was freezing and very glitchy, and the matches were very hard to follow. There were some blackouts (or so the feed said, except the fans in the arena tweeted that the power was still on) that cut out either match finishes or long segments in matches. The audio was 10-20 seconds before the video on day one, and people had to rely on Twitter to see the results of the matches they paid to watch.

    If anyone can dig deeper into this and clarify the issues going on, that would be great. I'm not an ROH fan, never have been, but I had to post about this. This is ridiculous. Competition in the wrestling business is so desperately needed right now that it's hard not to cheer for a Ring of Honor to eventually push TNA. But stuff like this, especially on Wrestlemania weekend, just makes ROH seem like such a joke of a show, and there are loads of fans that felt ripped off by this whether it's RoH's fault or not... Good luck explaining this one, Cornette.

    If you guys are looking for a way to watch it later, check the video first.
    Anyway, now that the rant is out of the way, here's the results...

    Show Spoiler
    Day 1:
    1. The Briscoes defeated Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste.
    2. Adam Cole defeated Adam Pearce
    3. The All Night Express defeated the Young Bucks
    4. Jay Lethal defeated Kyle O'Reilly for the TV Title
    5. Haas & Benjamin defeated Coleman and Alexander
    6. Mike Bennett defeated Lance Storm
    7. Kevin Steen defeated El Generico
    8. Davey Richards defeated Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards for the Heavyweight Title

    Day 2:
    1. Jimmy Jacobs defeated El Generico
    2. Tomasso Ciampa defeated Cedric Alexander
    3. T.J. Perkins defeated Fire Ant
    4. Kyle O'Reilly defeated Adam Cole
    5. The Young Bucks defeated the All-Night Express (Street Fight)
    6. The Briscoes defeated Haas & Benjamin to retain the Tag Titles
    7. Kevin Steen defeated Eddie Edwards
    8. Roderick Strong defeated Jay Lethal for the TV Title
    9. Davey Richards defeated Michael Elgin for the Heavyweight Title

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