News Ring of Honor Streaming Service Launching Next Year

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  1. While speaking with CBS Local, ROH COO Joe Koff announced that Ring of Honor plans to launch their own streaming service early next year.

    Koff told the affiliate, “It really became developmentally the right time to do it. We saw an opportunity. We had a long discussion about it. We looked at the business model and how it impacts our business. We just felt that this was the time to create our own Ring of Honor stream.”

    When asked about what to expect, Koff responded, “You’re going to see an enhanced Honor Club. We tested it during the Global Wars Tour of streaming house shows to ringside members. You’re going to see a lot more content available, not only to everybody, but certainly in that Honor Club. [When we tested] streaming for two shows, our response was terrific from a quality standpoint and from an accessibility standpoint.”

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  2. Guaranteed that the fans will still use free streams from the internet, yet complain about it being hard to find ROH content in good quality and less-to-none streaming issues smh.

    Why bother??

  3. The problem is money. The costs to set up a server for a streaming service with ROH's stature would be hard thing to maintain. YouTube isn't even profitable right now, even with the size of the service. To get a good streaming service with 100% upkeep is a hard thing to do even in these days. WWE can do it because they make money off a lot of things, so it comes naturally to WWE. But ROH? You'll need a lot of fucking money to back that shit up.

    ROH would have to do business planning and marketing to even put this service to a practical use.
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  4. I hear you and that makes sense but my comment was only about the gripes that I hear from people about WWE content. Thanks for added your information, though.
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    I see. My point remains, but the WWE Network has a lot of content, spanning for years. ROH's content will seem bare since ROH has been around since... 2002, I believe...? The only thing that ROH has going for them is the talent, nothing more. WWE has many decades of content. With new ones being released. The only thing I complain about is that once you get past the nostalgia part of the network, you're left with a few TV shows. But, that's understandable, the shows are in-house developed, by the company, rather than going to film studios and giving them a contract to do "x" show. (But even doing that will cost the company even more money since royalties are involved. And will result in prices being raised.)

    On top of that, WWE Network has the same problem that every other streaming or video service face: Bandwidth. For some, it's a pain in the ass. For WWE, the problem isn't the money, the problem is getting new users onto the network. The majority of the world still uses TV, the majority still watch wrestling on TV.

    Now, on the flipcoin, people will find a way to stream stuff that are usually exclusive to the network - it costs the company a lot of money when people do that.
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    Look, I said you had a sensible point. You didn't have to go into a soapbox response. And my point still REMAINS which is people in this world love to complain including wrestling fans. They'll ask for one thing and completely dismiss it when it happens. Period.
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  7. Relax. We're just discussing a subject, dude. I completely understand what you're saying now.
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  8. It's fine dude, he tends to get a little touchy when someone has a different opinion to his and expresses it with unfunny gifs
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    Oh really?? Coming from the little man who got offended by my response on Paige?? WTF?? And you were going to "Tomspiracy" me or whatever foolishness. Then you tried to change your comment on some "I'll be the bigger guy and not say nothing". Really?? How the hell you atttack first then wave a f**king white flag?? Check your draws either you got sh!t stains or your cycle started. You're the epitome of someone who is a joke all day, every day. You even had changed your name from one lame ass sh!t to the next, work on figuring out who you really are and stop playing this pitiful sad angle.

    Oh and since my gif selections are so unfunny, from me to you:

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  10. Never was offended at all by your response but only gave you your worst nightmare and that was disagreeing with your stuck up opinion. Most of my comments to you was mainly playful jokes that you obviously have took to your poor little heart. Goes to show your immaturity by saying "a white flag" as there was no war or battle we had but a simple debate on what we thought of Paige which you seem to have taken to heart. To add on I wasn't really in the mood to continue a pointless argument, only until I saw your comment recently about me. I'm sorry that you're trying to get that spotlight on you once again, making yourself look cool and relevant with using past comments. I'm sorry that my names are not appealing to your eyes because getting your attraction by my internet name was simply the plan ever since I joined this forum. I know who I am, changing my name doesn't mean I'm a new person or anything so I don't get where that thought has came from and I think the only person who's playing this sad and pitiful game is you. I mean bringing up our situation from the past in the first place was a bit of a downer on your half, but then getting p*ssed off and acting arrogant and rude to other members miss reading your comments goes to show the level of loneliness you have yourself. Simply block or ignore me on here and then we won't have to deal with this "pitiful" situation, so I'd watch out before I end up dethroning you "Mr. King"
    Lawd Of Wolves
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  11. Not having this become an argumentative thread. Locked.
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