Ring of Honor TV Episodes Temporarily Offline

Discussion in 'ROH Feed' started by ROHNEWS, Aug 28, 2015.

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  1. rohrotor
    If you've noticed Ring of Honor television episodes are missing, you're not alone. As we begin to implement improvements to rohwrestling.com, specific sections or features of the site may need to be temporarily taken down to put upgrades in place.

    Currently, we are working on upgrading some of the tech behind our video player and need to take television episodes offline during this maintenance. Specifically, we are working on adding closed caption technology and other minor improvements.

    We know that our fans love to be able to watch Ring of Honor episodes on rohwrestling.com, especially our Ringside Members, who get exclusive early access to this content. As a thank you for your loyalty and patience during this maintenance period, we'll be increasing Ringside Member membership discount to 25% off all merchandise, effective immediately.

    If you sign up for a new membership, you'll still receive the increased discount, but enjoy all of the benefits that normally come with it - including early access to tickets.

    We're working around the clock to bring the best wrestling on the planet back to you. Thank you once again for your patience and we hope you enjoy the new features and improvements we'll be rolling out over the next several months.

    We're always listening to your feedback. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and join in with other fans in the community.

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