Ringside Photos from #TurningPoint (Aug. 19, 2015)

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  1. [​IMG]

    To kick off IMPACT Jeff and Karen Jarrett lay out an ultamatum to EC3...

    Next: Shera stands up to the Revolution

    Mahabali Shera finally stands up to James Storm, and takes part in a little dancing as well!


    Next: "I want your leg"....

    Of all the things for a person to put on the line.. A leg.
    Next: Drew Galloway vs Eli Drake in a No DQ Match

    Drew Galloway finally was able to face Eli Drake and gain a victory after Eli turned on the Rising some time ago..
    Next: Gail Kim vs. the Dollhouse inside a steel cage

    Gail Kim faces the Dollhouse inside a Steel Cage!
    Next: World Title Match - EC3 vs PJ Black



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