RIP Big Daddy V, Viscera, and Mabel!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Feb 20, 2014.

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    comment and rate. And what was your favorites Viscera Match or promo?​
  2. wow yet OK? You cry for savage but not vig baddy d!? bold shit!
  3. Marsel?? Its Mabel dude. May bull
  4. King Marsel lmao
  5. I really liked Mabel when he was in WWE man. Not the greatest competitor but was fun to watch. RIP big man :((
  6. Ummmm... hey..... ummmm... I'm here to make a.... uhhhh..... video about..... Marsel
  7. He was a fat hunk of shit.
  8. This guy makes it seem like 3 people died. Just saying :smug:
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  9. uh well there were different gimmick.
  10. You make a video on his death, yet you post another thread about it instead of posting in the thread I already made that announced his death. Logic.
  11. uh are u retard? When I make video I alreay post then in there own thread! THIS JUST PROVE UR A TROLL I BEEN DOING SIGN I SIGN ON WWEFORUM.NET BACK IN 2012! Crayo the maker of site gave me the ok to do this! SO STFU TROLL!
  12. And this needs it's own thread why? O yeah it don't, and nice use of caps there btw, much scared.
  13. B/C IT MY VIDEO! I always posted my own video in there own thread dumb ass!
  14. As if that's necessary. It's be much easier to make one mega thread.
  15. NO MY VIDEO GET THERE OWN THERAD! IT BEEN THAT WAY SINCE 2012! EITHER GO WITH WHAT WE BEEN DOING OR GTFO! The guy made this web site gave me ok so either go with it or gtfo!
  16. Attention whoring > Efficiency. Gohan.
  17. GTFO!
  18. Lmfao I'm pretty much done here. N reason trying to debate with an airhead like yourself.
  19. UR TROLL! U clearly know I do this all the time with all my video but still posted this crap anyway!
  20. Whatever. Keep on complaining about this even though it's been over airhead.
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