Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by NickThePenguin, Apr 13, 2016.

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    Im from TWF. After the fire nation attacked TWF we had to seek refugee somewhere. This is where I came. I was the NGW tag team champion till the end and I expect to have the IWF main title by the end of next year. If you couldn't tell Im a e-fed type of penguin.
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  2. twf is closing down? :silva:
  3. Joined IWT and fucking do it. As you can tell I'm a crazy fucking sicko.
  4. Yes. And it's not rebooting, for the time being.
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that most of the TWF guys are going to jump ship to here like it's the Monday Night Wars again.
  6. TWF will always be my home, this is just like a homeless shelter till something happens...
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  7. WCW always loses, same thing will happen to TNA. WWE always wins.
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  8. By just looking around I miss TWF already.
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  9. The classic WCW-to-WWE jump dilemma. Shadow probably had it the worst. You'll get used to it, once you start posting around and getting to meet new people.
  10. I had it the worst? Nah, I was the original Jericho. Jumped, never looked back, became undisputed champion in no time.
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  11. Sorry you feel that way.

    I on the other hand, love it here already
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  12. Yeah, I'm starting to warm up this place.
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  13. I mean, you guys have been here for like 30 minutes. I'm almost 100% sure that if you stick around for a few months. Find your niche, a couple of friends and your favorite forum - you'll be warmed up to it.
  14. Who were you on TWF?
  15. Same name as I am here. That was when TWF was MP, though. Only popped in TWF a couple of times since then so you probably don't know me.

    TNAMecca is the place to be for me. Just biding my time here.
  16. Ready to jump, anytime.
  17. lol not even close. Not by a longshot, miles even. There were a lot of people shit talked into leaving, Muuftah is an easy example.
  18. it was a joke hiv juanson
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