RIP X member of the Griffin Family who passed away in a tragic accident

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by catlady, Nov 25, 2013.

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  2. 1. Wrong section
    2. You didn't spoiler it
    3. Family Guy sucks
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  3. Doubt they'll kill off a main and popular character like Brian for good. I'll give them a couple of episodes until they decide to bring him back somehow.
  4. Is Cleveland not coming back though? Think that's why they did it in the first place.

    Think his family are coming with him as well.
  5. He moved back I think with his family. Not sure if the show is going to continue.
  6. All of this.
  7. Was sad but remembered I'm sure they'll bring him back
  8. It wasn't even sad. It was so poorly executed and it didn't really deliver. The whole episode was blah, but that's expected when you watch Family Guy. I already said this, but Family Guy should never do a serious storyline.
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  9. Barely watch the show anymore but sucks that one of the only characters I really liked throughout the whole show is the one they decide to get rid of. Oh well.
  10. Omg, your sig...James Franco and...who...who?
  11. Seth Rogen hahahah. They remade Kanye's new song to the point.
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  12. Haha, yes.

    Brian was the only character I really liked besides Louis's dad.
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  13. Didn't really like the episode. It's been going downhill but it's to be expected since the show is over 10 years old.
  14. Brian fuck sucks too, every episode he has is some politic boring crap.
  15. Seems to me like Seth wants the show to die. I remember in 2009 that he said he wanted it to end so he could do other things (his Flintstones reboot).
    With Cleveland and family moving back expect Rallo to be Stewie's new friend.
  16. This.

    Family Guy just got really stupid when they tried serious stuff. It's suppose to be a comedy, and not to say it's impossible to do serious stories, but the way they present them and the way the "humor" is ran through an episode, they just can't execute it right.
  17. Not to mention it is meant to be shock-comedy, which they also fail at. They seemingly try to mix South Park with Simpsons but fails at being neither. Peter is some retarded mix of Randy and Homer, without either's lovable goofiness or redeeming features.
  18. It's just difficult in general to take a show that's already based on comedy and make it serious.

    Peter is retarded but as you said, has that lovable feature.
    Chris has the same features of Peter. Retarded but lovable, but seems more shy and a bit more serious at times.
    Meg is a normal teenage girl that trys to get with every boy due to lack of attention at home.
    Brian was just a drunk and smoker, which was fun until they turned him into a fucking politician.
    Stewie was the baby who could talk(yet few people understood him) and was bent on killing his mother with these wacky inventions for a baby. Now he's just....well gay.
  19. Wow, thanks for the 1 dimensional perspective bro.

    What I liked about Brian was he had an extra dynamic that many of the characters didn't, to me show went into its decline after season 7. Yet he was the only 1 who's character was still thoroughly entertaining. To be fair, Seth created the character Brian in his image, implementing a lot his personality traits into the Brian character, so I would suggest never becoming friends with him.

    I'm not saying your wrong; opinions and all that, but it just sounds like your being very closed minded on the character from your 'political crap' comment.
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  20. I said Peter isn't lovable.
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