Rising through the ranks is a dead concept in WWE

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 16, 2013.

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    Seriously who is the last guy to start in the mid card and wind up a Main Event fixture? Guys who get over in the WWE are not rewarded for it, and are often times let go for curious reasons. MVP had a ton of momentum as a top mid card heel and he was cut soon after a botched face turn. Kennedy/Anderson looked like a future player higher up on the card and we all know how that ended. During Kofi's feud w/ Orton most would have been shocked if you would have told them he would never advance to a meaningful position on the card.

    We see it happening with so many guys on todays roster. Ziggler. Bryan. Rhodes.

    Guys who we all saw as future main eventers and now you have to serious wonder if WWE will move them up the card.

    And why won't they? Because WWE HAND PICKS their main eventers, and it is why they fucking suck.

    Look at the guys who are in a good position on the card these days. They allllll started near the top of the card and WWE knew from the jump they would be main eventers. How backwards is this concept? Why has listening to the fans become a lost art? It is like Jericho said, you can entertain millions of fans but the only person who's opinion matters is Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

    So of todays main guys, genuinely none of them rose through the ranks organically and EARNED their place as a main eventer.

    Cena: Had a bit of a slow push to the top, but he was always booked as a god and WWE knew from the beginning they wanted him as a main eventer

    Orton: Debuted as a stable member with HHH and Ric fucking Flair

    Sheamus: His insta-push caused a ton of resentment and is the primary reason he is so hated today

    ADR: Vince's hand chosen guy was pushed to the top of the card very quickly

    Ryback: Rocket ship push to the top of the card working with Punk/Cena right off the bat

    Speaking of Punk, as much as I hate the guy he actually did work his way up the card somewhat, and for that I applaud him. He might be the last guy that WWE allows to slip through the cracks.

    Oh, btw, Big E is the next guy who will get this rocket ship push. Expect him to turn face and take Dolph's belt before the end of 2013.

    edit: Forgot The Shield. Obviously they fit into WWE's MO of hand picking guys for important positions on the card
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  2. I still think Bryan is going to be in the main event scene in the future. He's getting the Eddie Guerrero/Punk/etc treatment. Started slow, then pushed, then de-pushed to see if he has a big head or both feet on the ground. Then reward. Considering how much Bryan is used it is obvious that they value him and what he brings since he brings out both comedy, seriousness and good matches. He might never be WWE champion, but he will be a fixture of the company.

    Also Edge had a natural rise to the top didn't he?
  3. Edge was an AE hangover.

    And I hope D Bry makes it, but he will never be a fixture in the ME. He will at best be a Jericho type guy who floats between the upper mid card and occasionally gets a ME storyline.
  4. You're absolutely right. This is why seeing Ambrose going after a mid-card belt makes me sick. Too many great talents just wasting away in there.

    The last guy to do it (SORRY SENHOR) was Miz before WWE remembered they're retarded. But both Miz and Punk never were truly given a chance. Sorry, but Punk still feels like an upper mid-carder.

    We really need the brand split back. Punk was a big star in 2009 before they buried him since on Smackdown he couldn't get in the way of precious John Cena.
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  5. People said the same thing about Edge and Punk and they proved us wrong. So I will never say never. With what seems to be a move away from the more "classic" guys (just look at the top guys in NXT, neither being very typical WWE mold yet being the guys management is the highest on) the possibility seems likely.
  6. I agree on the brand split. without it, that is just one more handicap going against the guys trying to get themselves over. We get more feuds that are properly developed, get to see more superstars and as you said SD is a place where people can thrive and develop a lot without having to worry about Cena the buzzsaw ruining their momentum.
  7. Even if Edge did it, Punk sort of did it and D Bry might do it... does my point still not stand by and large? It is an issue in WWE
  8. Of course your point stands and it is an issue. Rising organically through the ranks is a sure fire way to get the fans behind a wrestler. Edge would not have had the following he had if he had been pushed to the top in my opinion.
  9. Of course not, and as we've seen if anything these bullshit rocket ship pushes tend to cause a lot of resentment. Sheamus has felt the backlash and ADR definitely felt it.
  10. Sheamus is still paying for it and ADR barely made it out alive (the face turn helped a bit and Ricardo helps a lot). Orton seems to have been the rocket ship which has taken less damage from the fans considering the ridiculous pop he walks out to most of the time.
  11. I see nothing wrong with WWE having hand picked favorites that they want to push. It goes along with seeing some kind of talent and potential in people in the first place (the reason for signing them) and part of that might be Vince or whoever's vision in being able to imagine them as the top stars of their promotion. You realize that the two biggest names of the Attitude Era behind Austin (Rock and HHH) and three of the biggest names of the Ruthless Aggression era (Brock Lesnar, Batista, Randy Orton) were all people WWE had decided they wanted to make stars from the beginning? The issue isn't WWE already wanting to strap a rocket to a guy and push him to the moon, it's with them not capitalizing on guys who catch fire on their own sometimes. I realize you mentioned this but at least WWE doesn't always fail at this. They succeeded pretty well with realizing the potential in Austin and Cena. WWE booked Cena strong in the beginning but then he was jobbed out and became a curtain jerker and they were about ready to fire him until Stephanie noticed him doing the rapper thing in real life and asked him to work it as a gimmick, which was just an extension of his real life persona.

    I never saw Kofi Kingston as anything but an upper-mid carder. Or just a flat out mid carder. Cody Rhodes has always been average to me and what kind of crowd reactions was he getting anyway? Daniel Bryan is in a fine position at the moment. He'll be WWE Champion one day, it'll just take time (I agree though that he strikes me as a Jericho who will float in and out of the main event and upper-mid card, which I don't think is bad for someone like him.) I can't defend or rationally explain the Ziggler thing. They've jobbed out a good talent constantly even after giving him a valet and a bodyguard to watch over him. Hopefully, they realize this only makes AJ and his muscle Big E Langston look bad, too.
  12. Mark Henry rose through the ranks for 15 years haha.
  13. When thinking about it this is actually a really big problem. As Kevin said it's good to do things this way every once in a while, but since it's always happening it's not working.
    Like look at the pre-show match: Miz vs Cody. As much as you may like or dislike these guys, there's no reason to care.
    They're quickly suffering from Kofi Kingston Syndrome, where they've been doing the same shit for no reason for so long that the fans just stop caring.
    Most people view WWE as a sport and the underlying "ladder of success" that comes with it, yet it isn't really there. Wins and losses don't matter.
    Look at Randy Orton. After Henry beat that ass then jobbed dirty to Barrett, Ziggler, and Rhodes, he was never more over. Going up and down the card does a lot for a character, keeping him human.
    Think most rocketships are based on backstage stuff. ADR doesn't need WWE, he could just take his ball at any time and go back to being a huge star in Mexico. We know the rest.
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  14. Yeah, it's true, and this sort of thing is bad. One for the people that are fans of midcarders who have potential but will never fulfill it, not to mention having a guy shoved down your throats from the start when he hasn't been around for half a year, along with many other reasons.
  15. This is the worst. I remember when Cody Rhodes had a stable of fans before WWE completely dropped the ball on the kid. It is only a matter of time before people have lost interest in Ziggler in the same fashion.
  16. That WWE App is getting quite a push. Its getting more air time than the entire mid card. I can see it now;

    WWE App vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 30.


    Book it, Vince.
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  17. haha that was funny 1.
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