RKO Vines = Orton Face Turn

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Oct 17, 2014.

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  1. told you the lad had potnetial to put money in the till

    more crossover appeal than rock and austin. just needs booking right
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  2. Orton face? Never again, please.
  3. orton as a face would work, if the suits got behind it
  4. @Tgmiveld If possible I want the 'psychopath' back from 2008-2009.
    Show Spoiler

    0:53 - 1:37 I miss when he stands in the rope and look at camera with evil face, no pose. Absolutely badass!

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  5. best run in wrestling history

    they ruined lives and cost jobs by messing up.wrestling died a little when they fucked up
  6. They've already began planting the seeds for his face turn on Raw. Even though this is just a flash-in-the-pan internet meme, it can't hurt since they're already heading in that direction.

    It's been evident for awhile that Orton would be better off as a babyface again. This latest heel run has gotten him very little heat from the audience, whereas he was one of the most popular faces on the show from 2010-2013 (lol @ the article saying "the RKO Vines did something that the WWE couldn’t possibly do, and that is getting Randy Orton over as a face throughout the entire world.") And he's running out of interesting babyface opponents to wrestle anyway, whereas as a face he could work a good number of programs with people. Brock Lesnar? Bray Wyatt? Seth Rollins? This whole angle they've been doing recently with Cena and Ambrose both trying to get to Seth first would have worked even better with Orton and Ambrose since both guys are a bit unhinged and seeing them threaten one another would have been entertaining.
  7. So how much you willing to bet Orton turns face on Rollins?
  8. Everything. I'm even willing to bet that he'll be one officially by TLC.

    Survivor Series next month is in St. Louis, Missouri, which also happens to be the place where Orton is billed from (in reality, he lives in St. Charles, Missouri the last I checked, but that still makes Missouri his home state.) So I'm predicting he either turns face before then so that he can work Survivor Series as a babyface, or that he turns face AT Survivor Series. Perhaps they have a traditional Survivor Series elimination match, and Orton leaves Rollins behind to get dismantled by his opponents one after another (Cena, Ambrose and Reigns, possibly), and then after the match is over, Orton returns to the ring and hits the RKO on a recovering Seth Rollins, which is his official "Fuck You" to The Authority.
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  9. psychopath Orton >

    Thoroughly enjoyed that run.
  10. lol "last time I checked" -- how often do you check where Randy Orton lives?
  11. That's what you decided to harp on out of my entire post? :pity2:

    The answer to the question, of course, is "Almost never." Wrestlers have been known to relocate to different cities or states, however, and where Orton currently resides was at least somewhat crucial to the point I was making.
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  12. Holy shit my thread nabbed some comments from the elusive crayofish! Must have done something right.
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  13. True, it is only wrestlers who move house. :pity:

    ly rly
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  14. Lost it at the skateboard part. :lol1:
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  15. The one where the kid jumps from a roof and it pauses to say "and then he knew Randy Orton was there" had me rolling
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  16. in all fairness to Orton, and even though I agree with like all of your post, his latest heel run was ruined by WWE, not him. Had he been that dangerous psycho that he was back in 2009, the crowd might have reacted differently...I'm not one to support a continuous character that stays the same 24/7.....but, Orton's best run was around 2008-2010...they needed him to be that sadistic crazy Vipre again and he never really got the chance too.

    They even mentioned at Mania 30, during the triple threat match, that Orton has been overlooked lately.....and he shouldn't be.....because he's the champ....I agree 100%.....I mean he beat Cena in the WWE World Title match and reigned throughout most of 2013.....whether you like his reign or not is one thing, but it should give the guy some credibility.

    They just screwed up with his image in his last run....Orton can be a great heel....WWE just fucked it up.
  17. Did someone say more vines?

    Check out the Iggy Azalea one @Butters! OMG LMAO
  18. Damn! LOL.

    Also the wedding one, Two in one!
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