Kayfabe Road To Recovery

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  1. Road To Recovery

    Beginning the video is lovely scenery of the shores of Lake Ontario in the industrialized city of Hamilton, Ontario on a later Summer’s morning. The skies are partly cloudy as the skyline of the city is behind with trees covering the shoreline with a light gust of wind shaking the leaves. Behind the greenery, various buildings pop above and tower over the city. Waves roll onto the beach, causing a small splash before they roll back into the lake. The beach is mostly cleared, except for people in lawn chairs on a dock. The chairs are faced away from the lake and a small table is placed between them with glasses of water on them. In one chair is an African-Canadian woman with a yellow dress on (obviously triggering Aleks Grayson right now) and a microphone in her hand. Across from her, making his first public appearance since his very public firing, the man known as Ryan Vendetta. Keeping it rather casual himself, he has a black and yellow ball cap turned backward on his head, with some of his dyed red hair sticking out, along with a grey t-shirt and jeans. Having a similar microphone in hand, he spins it a bit as the interviewer adjusts her hair. She turns to the camera and smiles and the interview is off.

    “Welcome wrestling fans, Ika Robinson here with Piledriver Wrestling and I’m here in Hamilton, Ontario to talk with perhaps one of the biggest free-agents in wrestling today. You may remember him for his travels across the country and ventures in the United States and the UK, most notably Next Generation Wrestling where he was part of the popular tag team, Danger Zone, and the last ever NGW Roulette Champion. Here he is, Ryan Vendetta.”

    Vendetta leans forward and talks into his mic where he breaks out a small smile and looks towards her. “Thanks, Ika. Ya know, I didn’t really expect to be thrust into the public eye again so soon, but I guess this is therapeutic in a way.”

    The interviewer keeps a smile on her face, attempting to keep the fired wrestler in a good mood. “Well, we’re glad you agreed to this, and before I begin, congrats on the engagement!”

    He chuckles a bit. “Thanks, through all I’ve been through over the past while, she is one person who has made it all worth it.”

    “Well, speaking of, I have to ask some questions which have been on the fans minds for the past number of weeks. As we all know, the promotion you were previously wrestling for, Royal Wrestling Kingdom, you were fired from very publically at Democracy Rules. The events that happened that night all started with you, in a response to a suspension which you, and a lot of fans, were unhappy with. Why did you go the route of crashing the show?”

    Vendetta puts his tongue in his cheek and shakes his head. “It’s something I’m not proud of, but I was not making that decision in the best frame of mind. Some people may want to take credit for 'breaking me,' and those people know exactly who they are. But, in reality, the suspension was just the last straw on a pile of problems for me. At that moment, I thought I was at my lowest possible point and I felt worthless from it. I felt angry that I was alone and that I’ve been treated for something I wasn’t. So, I had to try to rectify it in some way I guess…”

    “...And that included attacking Alex Valander before his match?”

    Cut off, Ryan glares at the girl, but keeps his cool and just responds. “No...Not at all. That attack was done with one person in mind, Kristina. I managed to find a way in, and I saw on a TV that Kristina was entering the ring. I couldn’t find my way to the curtains, but what I did find was a television crew. I knew that if I wanted to get her attention, I had to attract theirs. So, I saw Alex Valander and, not even knowing who he was other than being a wrestler, chose him. It wasn’t done with any ill-will towards the people who were on his team. In fact, if they are watching...I know you may not buy it, but I’m apologizing right here. What I did unintentionally play a part in your guy’s loss and it was wrong. Slate, you’ve gone off the deep end...but I can empathize with that. We both dealt with hardship after NGW closed down, and I know that even with you going to IWT, things did not go too well there either. The only time we were in the ring with each other was when we had to participate in a Hangman’s Horror match for a championship I was holding. And I learned that, whether you’re the Head Pimp in Charge or not, you’re one tough as hell guy…”

    He takes off his hat and holds it in his hand before continuing. “Aleks, I’ll admit, I don’t know you too well. But, you’re an industry vet, and we’re two types of people who are willing to throw caution into the wind and put our bodies on the line. I messed with your RWK debut, and that was wrong. I know you may want to ‘bash my head in,’ but if you’d like, I’ll do my best to make that up to you some other way. I’m sorry, and that’s all I have to sa…”

    “But..” Ika Robinson interrupts him again. “What about Azrael?”

    Hearing that name, Ryan puts his hat, which we can now see has a Bulldog logo on it, on his knee and he holds the side of his face, remembering the encounter they had as he was being dragged out. He takes a deep breath as he tries to calm himself a bit, but has a small bit of coldness in his voice. “I guess...the same could be said for him...But, I still remember what he did as I was being dragged out...I heard what he said about me afterward. Unlike Grayson...Azrael is someone I know I can’t reason with. I’ve seen him when he started and where he is now. Literally started as someone who had a connection with God, then slowly became cockier, and descended into darkness, way further than I did. Even to a point where my old rival brought him to the point of no return. But, I doubt I’d even see him again. So, I’m sorry, Azry...if that means anything…”

    Ika looks towards him, and despite his response, keeps herself professional and continues on. “Well one person from RWK we know you’re still going to see is your cousin, Nova Taylor. There have been rumors and even accusations of her having a role in your attempted takeover of Democracy Ru…”

    “No…” Now he’s the one to cut her off. “Nova had absolutely nothing to do with what I did, and frankly, I feel bad the fact that what I did has affected her too. She says she’s not upset at me, but I can’t help but feel guilt for it. But, I did my best to keep her out of it because she’s done all she could to be there for me since she joined RWK. If it wasn’t for her and Victoria, I wouldn’t know where I’d be. Now, it’s time for me to return the favor the best I can. Kristina’s being the boss from hell right now to her and I’m just here, not able to do anything...but if there can be something to help her, I’d do it.”

    “Well, speaking of Kristina, now that you’ve digested what had happened, do you believe her firing of you was...well, justified?”


    Surprisingly, he struggles a bit with the question at first, scratching his head, but eventually, he settles on an answer. “In her shoes, at first glance, I’d see why. Here you have a wrestler who is mentally unfit, who isn’t really following the rules, who is ruining your show and in those circumstances, I would do it…” He does a long pause before finally saying. “But it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. We’ve established that this was a response to my suspension, whether I was right or not is up to personal discretion. But she suspended me because that was the ‘second’ time I injured someone and I was mentally unwell. I mean, frankly, I can question the mental state of a lot of guys in this company...We have a literal demon in Spawn, Nick’s borderline psychotic at times, Slate is obviously hurting, the person I injured is also off his rocker...But let’s look at the injury bit. At Peace of Mind, in my match against Victor, I was pushed over the edge and injured him. I wasn’t really in control of my actions at the time and frankly, the match is mostly a blur, but that match was no disqualifications, and everything I did was legal. Then, we have the match beforehand, Frankie Highwood attack and brutalize a friend of mine, Tyler Quintana after the match. Then Prince X, a guy who was pretty damn cool, got injured against Slate. My cousin was hurt, although that was an accident. That was on one show alone, the same show I got suspended at…”

    Vendetta points his finger up. “And wasn’t the only case of it. I mean, El Pecador injured Michael Kelly when he lost the European Championship, Odin and Azrael gave Victor a concussion, and I myself had been Curb Stomped onto steel by someone who wasn’t even supposed to be in the match…” Now that he is bringing up things that have personally happened to him, he is getting more and more infuriated… “A sixty-year old non-wrestler got brutalized, one of the attackers got a title match the next show...Not to mention I’ve been thrown down stairs outside of the ring, been the victim of multiple gang attacks...yet where are all those suspensions?”

    Shaking his head. “In the end, something is off about Miss. Oliver. Because it seems like I’m the one singled out. I mean, certainly Frankie Highwood, after injuring someone post-match with a barbaric assault and doing a joke of a match with Joseph Diamond, he would get some sort of discipline? With all the people Odin injured, he would have got fired before he left ‘into the great abyss?’ For some reason, Kristina Oliver targeted me and that’s fishy to me, especially since, just as I’m fired and we saw Josh Reed make his way out, obviously not amused, suddenly go on vacation. There's something foul in the kingdom.”

    After listening to his little mini-rant, Ika gathers herself and continues on with the interview. “Well, that was just what I was going to ask you about next. Is there a chance you’d be back in RWK? If not, where else will you go?”

    “Honestly, right now, I doubt I’d ever go back. I mean, they see me as this little...rebel. A young trail-blazer who doesn’t follow their rules or sits on his hands and go…” He speaks with a high pitched voice and literally sits on his hands. “Yes, mam’ I’ll do whatever you say…” He ends his little impression. “Without any questioning and she has in her mind that I’m a safety hazard of sorts, which, fair play to her, I do wrestle a bit of a high-risk style, but not to the degree she sees it as. My main focus right now is my road to recovery. I have Victoria by my side, and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her, I’m seeing a mental health specialist to make sure I am well again. He’s even looking into re-diagnosing me in-case there is something other than my previous depression I’m dealing with. Not just that, I’m starting to hit the gym more in hopes of being physically ready for the time I return to the ring. Just...I don’t know where.”

    He folds his hands in front of him and chuckles for a second.To think, the world’s open for me again. There are many options out there. Complete wrestling societies out there, even whole coalitions of companies that I can wrestle for. I can defy expectations, enter completely different battlezones than what I’m used to. I can have dream showdowns that everyone else never thought would happen...Or I can form a new company out of spite to compete with the one who rejected me…”

    Vendetta laughs. “Okay, that last one is a bit far-fetched. Like that would ever happen. The point is, I have so many possibilities right now. It’s kind of exciting to be free like this. I don’t need to worry about RWK and all the headache it has caused me the past eight months.”

    “Well, you may not need to worry about it, but from what a lot of the fans can tell, you’re still paying attention to it.” Her saying this immediately caused Vendetta to tense up as she pulls out a phone. “Judging by some of your twitter reactions to your twitter @TheRyanVendetta, we’ve seen some members of the RWK roster still interact with you. Such as Frankie Highwood…”

    “He’s just a young kid who loves to run his mouth...He’ll learn about the idea of respect soon...even if I’m not the one teaching him it.”

    The woman looks to be a bit perplexed as Vendetta says this without even looking at her, but she powers through yet again. “And the injured Victor Sokolova…”

    “Victor, I’ll be nice enough to say it even though he’ll never have the human decency to say something like-wise to me, is a tough-foe. Even with my mistakes I made when I faced him, he still beat me twice. Just too bad with him, he’s always the type of person to make himself feel bigger than he really is. Whether it’d be finding a bunch of people to surround himself when he’s struggling to get noticed, to picking at other people online. He may harass me to hell for this on twitter, but whatever. I’m gone from RWK, I don’t need to worry about him.”

    “And I guess I don’t need to ask about the members of Generation Global…”

    Vendetta shakes his head. “Nope...Jordan and Keenan, always Extremely Lethal to me, rave about evolving...yet they're still the same men they always were. It’s a shame, really. Once again, while they, despite all the times we’ve faced, see me as weak, I can say are two world-class wrestlers. Christopher is champ right now and he should be proud of it. Just now, with Tyler at his side again, he’s reverting back into the same self-entitled prick he was and this championship, I see it going to his head already. Just I fear for him the day he’ll lose it. Because no matter who you are...you always can get beat. As for Tyler, his ‘change of heart’ a couple months ago didn’t really fool me. I know more about him than even he knows. He described himself perfectly as a snake. But, when a snake sheds his skin, he’s still the same cold-blooded serpent. Even the shortcut he took against Will Nielson, a great dude, didn’t surprise me. But what surprises me, yet shouldn’t be given what I said, was how one win easily skyrocketed Tyler Keenan to a title match. I mean, there are guys on the roster who’ve done twice as much as him who has received fewer chances than he’s already got. That’s another thing which smells foul. But, that's none of my business.”

    He sips on his water as Ika, who perhaps has gotten a lot more than she expected from this interview, decides it’s time to wrap it up a bit. She sits upright and speaks towards Ryan.

    “Well, I hope your future is bright, and with it, we’re ready to wrap up. But first, Ryan, is there anything you’d like to say to the fans?”

    Ryan nods and he looks forward towards the camera. He speaks with a bit of tension in his voice as he speaks.

    “To you, those who always have been there for me perhaps were turned away with some of the action I took, and anyone who hated me, I owe you an apology. I let my personal problems get in the way of the one thing I set out to do in wrestling, entertain you guys. I mean, no way Danger Zone is coming back, and I have grown from those days, but I shouldn’t have let everything I’ve experienced get in the way of my duty as a professional wrestler. I’m going to take my time. I’m going to get better, stronger, for you. When I’m back...it’ll be like I’m a whole new person. So, be patient, stay tuned, let the anticipation build, and get ready for that day. It’ll be at a place you’d least expect, and it will be a day the wrestling world stands on its head. But for now, I’m on the road to recovery.”

    The woman holds out her hand and Vendetta shakes it as she says to the camera.

    “And there we have it, Ryan Vendetta everyone. Be sure to stay to get the latest issue of Piledriver Magazine for all the latest news about all your favorite wrestling stars, and stay tuned to our YouTube channel for exclusive interviews like this. Ika Robinson, signing off.”

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