Rob "Bob" Van Dam is a Slapnuts

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  1. So let me get this straight, Matt Morgan takes him out 3 times with his Carbon Footprint (Running Bycycle Kick) finisher, and he still does not seek for revenge on him. 3 fucking times!

    This is just poor booking of BVD as the character (not as the X Champ, make no mistake about it), and just furthers him as even dumber then he is already presented.

    Oh whatever. Watch this vids if you wanna see RVD's head taken off at least 2 times by Hogan's protege Matt "The Cape" Morgan:


    I would've call him a tool, but tool is worth something.:obama:
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  2. Yeah, seems like a plothole to me. But they may rectify this next week. Let's see.
  3. He's high...
  4. [​IMG]


    a BVD smiley is what this forums is missing.
  5. Crowd was so dead in this segment.
  6. Bob van Dam, what every stoner frat boy wants to be.
  7. Morgan is such an animal.
  8. Btw, the cape he's wearing is the actual one that Hogan wore back in the 70's during his heel run and Hulk is said to be working closely with Matt in improving him as a badass heel.
  9. This is a guy who doesn't care about anything... everything is cool brah

    I get pistol whip the guy in his noggin and bust a hole in his right knee at point blank range.... everything is cool brah

    Dixie Carter could rip off Bob's jewels, sell them on ebay, keep every clam and Bob still wouldn't care

    This is phenomenal... maybe that blood stain on Testify's sig is Bob's junk getting torn away by Dixie's rage...lets chant... OH... G**... DAMN
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  10. :laugh::laugh::russo:

  11. I thought of this while watching but am so happy it happened like that. Keep Morgan away from RVD, unless he is helping put the X-division title on Joey Ryan.
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