Rob Parker... FIRE HIS ASS!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by catlady, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. What he said is not only racist towards whites...
    But racist towards black people who are trying to better their lives!
    If the roles were reversed and it was a white man who said this, he'd be fired.

    This guy is only facing suspension.


    He basically said unless you are a careless, racists, ignorant black man, you are against the blacks.
    And he even comments on RG3's wife... SO WHAT IF SHE IS WHITE! Have you seen her? She is thick and beautiful. He is just mad cause no good looking white woman would be with him!

    What do you guys think of this? I mean to me, its messed the heck up.
  2. This guy really is a moron. I've seen him on "First Take" and he always makes himself look like a retard.
  3. Holy shit. This guy is a fucking RETARD.
  4. :yes:

    He made everyone there so uncomfortable.
  5. You have to act like a "nigga" to be considered a true black man, according to idiots like Rob.
  6. I don't understand how this dude isn't fired.
  7. Honestly him and Stephen A. Smith pull this shit every time they are on. It's annoying
  8. Its sad that people can get away with this.
    Its complete favoritism.
  9. If skip ever said anything about whites he would be castrated
  11. Skip is such a complainer. When LeBron was on the Cavs still he would dawg the crap out of him saying he is nothing compared to Kobe and nothing compared to Jordan. Look at LBJ now.
  12. Still nothing compared to jordan and kobe :dawg: Honestly 1 ring doesn't put you in the conversation with kobe and deffinetly not Jordan
  13. I get your point though :yes:
  14. Basing it on rings sure...

    I live in Cleveland, I have a reason to hate him...
    And I will still say he is the best player in history. No argument.

    Jordan was the best of his time. Comparing who Jordan played and who LeBron plays is like comparing apples and oranges. They are both round, but clearly are completely different. Jordan played when most teams had half (or more) of their players being white (not to say white people suck at basketball, but, come on... lol). Lebron and the other greats of this time would smash Jordan and the greats of his time. As for Kobe... Kobe was better a few years ago, but LeBron has since became the best player in the NBA history. LeBron is where Kobe was at his prime and LeBron is still young and improving.

    I am basing this on times, who played, ect. ect.
    Basing it on rings alone...
    MJ > Kobe > LBJ

  15. You're kidding right? Lebron is not the best player in NBA history. Basing it on rings or not dude. MJ never lost in the NBA FINALS EVER.... NEVER GOT TO A GAME 7. I mean come on... he left played baseball, came back and won more. Lebron will never touch MJ.
  16. The race thing is also pretty irrelevant because jordan played the majority of his career in the 90's and it was mostly blacks.
  17. You just based your whole argument around winning rings.
    You have to take into account who LeBron had on his team and who Jordan did. I am not talking teams though, I am saying one on one, who is better.

    MJ will always be a legend, but I can't agree that he is still the greatest of all time.
  18. MJ also won 72 games in the regular season in one year :woo1:
  19. Jordan is a gambling addict and a whore!

    BACK ON TOPIC! :angry:


    ...I don't know where that came from. hahaha
  20. It's okay lmfao you just got taken over by The Gohan
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