Rob Van Dam and the younger talent

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  1. Back in the day, when he first came to TNA, he had this momentum going. He was well connected to the crowd of the Impact Zone, and TNA capitalized on this. Nowadays, it seems as if RVD was thrown to the back seat after vacating his TNA World title reign, after he was basically the man in TNA. Now few years later in 2013, he is the current X-Division champion!

    I've been very impressed by his work with the much younger talent, and that he could wrestle on the same level with them. He was competing nicely with the likes of Kenny Kind, Christian York and Joe Ryan.

    There are many people who make think he is washed up, but I think he still got what it takes to make the younger talent look better, and help their development, because well he's still a very known figure in the wrestling business.

    What do you, guys, think: is he holding the young talent back, or is he actually helping them out?
  2. His title reign has been pointless and has brought nothing to the table in terms of adding value to the title. Up and comers and undersized guys should be feuding for the X-Division title, not a guy who's been around as long as RVD. It doesn't help that he's a routine man and has the same match with whomever he faces. They can't put the title on King soon enough IMO.
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  3. This, and there's no better response than this to be perfectly honest. +1

    Hopefully, this whole BVD situation changes after Lockdown, and we have the guys like Kenny King, Zema Ion, Jesse Sorensen, Christian York, Alex Silva, Joey Ryan and Chris Sabin running the X Division.
  4. He's slower than ever, same look, same attitude. The guy is boring. Look how charismatic Kenny King is, he should be the face of the X-Division. They shouldn't be relying on more recognized faces to bring in viewers and ratings, build the young guys now and watch it pay off.
  5. Doesn't help, with his scripted matches and clean wins over young talent. He shouldn't be there. But I belive that'll change soon, at least I hope it does.
  6. Does BVD even draw now anyway? What is the logic behind him being the champion of a division stacked with unused talent?

    Sorry OP, but I disagree with you here. I can't stand watching at any of his slow routine matches, his promos, or anything to do with his reign.
  7. Granted, it was during the "New Monday Night Wars", and the worst creative time in TNA history... but does Impact drawing a .5 rating the next episode after he won the belt at Lockdown 2010 (April 26) mean anything?
  8. The only way he ever drew is: merchandise. I believe he's on #4 on TNA list of best merch sellers for a couple of yrs now, behind Hardy #1, Hogan #2 and Angle #3.

    But that's it. Ratings wise: big ass NO, just read what Rain said.
    Any other way: NO (again).

    However, if he loses to the belt to Kenny King/Zema Ion relatively soon (deadline is Lockdown) and never regains the belt after it, I wouldn't consider his X title reign completely useless. At least he put somebody over on the last note.
  9. Bob again last nite :damnn:

    Lockdown is my only hope for this division now.
  10. I am torn now on BVD. I hate him and his booking with a passion. But I am exploiting it in Fantasy wrestling. :upset:
  11. When the X-Division was at the forefront, Aries came out every week to cut phenomenal promos, deliver great performances, and bring a huge spotlight to the division with his star power alone. BVD brings none of that. His matches are painful, promos unbearable, and he's been the same damn character since he debuted.

    Kenny King and Zema Ion both have a ton of personality, and King's a fresh, new, interesting face with similar appeal to what Aries had. He can't win the belt soon enough.

    Sorry to pollute your section, Testify, but there's no use complaining about all these stale, boring ass champions the company has right now... look at Sheamus in the WWE. He had one of the worst title reigns in recent memory (that's saying something, too), and we all marked hard when Big Show won the belt. Big Show. Lord knows it would take a lot to get us to pop for that guy... so whoever wins a title in TNA right now should create a similar mark-out moment and make us love them so much more...
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  12. I agree completely on 1st and 2nd part of your post, but didn't quite understood the 3rd one and my reference. Please elaborate?:neymar2:
  13. BVD being absolutely hated from his shit matches through his clean wins will make him losing that much better for whoever takes the title from him. Whoever takes the title instantly is >, because he is the one who finally got BVD away from the title.
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  14. Great post.
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