Robbie E Bringing Backup This Thursday #ImpactLive

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  1. Robbie E tweeted:

    "@IMPACTWRESTLING this Thursday bro!!! Don’t miss the bro I bring to @SpikeTV bro!!! Oh!!!!"

    Thoughts on who this could be?
    Someone from the roster or the new guy?
  2. Could there be a third Robbie? :robbie:
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  3. Maybe Robbie Moreno, the interviewer:

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  5. Bro 3 times in one tweet? :applause:

    Maybe an equalizer for Bigger Rob? Or just someone else to throw around lmao.
  6. Robbie Ryder?
  7. Rumor has it that it's that Big O guy you guys have talked about.
  8. O-zone would fit.
  9. It's me guiz :yay: Im part of the list!! :yes:
  10. If O-Zone enters with Robbie, I'm watching!
  11. Crimsons back! :russo:

    Kidding. The Big O? :hmm:
    Would be pretty funny actually.
  12. Curious to see who it is.
  13. HE FUCKING LIED! :finger:
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