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  1. Hi guys,

    Much like I had a while back with Noam Dar, I've got an interview with Robbie E for the Jewish Telegraph lined up on December 29th and then a meet and backstage hang-out at the Manchester Show in January.

    So, Do you guys have any questions you would like answered??

  2. - Is Jesse a better partner that Robbie T?

    - "Free-bird" rule with DJ Zema Ion?

    - Who's the strongest guy in the TNA locker-room?

    - Thoughts on Hulk Hogan and his run in TNA?
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  3. I second the question asking who's the better partner, Robbie T or Jesse.

    Also would like to know how are things backstage now that Hogan's gone.

    Also, did he hear me yell Bro for Glory at the Bound for Glory here in San Diego? :yay:
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  4. - Phil Heath, what's the latest on him and his association with the Bromans?
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  5. Yep :emoji_slight_smile: Had to get as much basic stuff into the paper interview in one go...
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