Kayfabe Robert Blake Leaving Exodus

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  1. *Chris Tidwell is sitting with Vanessa York in the Wrestling News Lifetime Channel interview room. Vanessa York looks worried while Chris Tidwell looks like he's very anxious to start the interview. Chris Tidwell has a tablet in hand ready to start with the massive news*

    Chris Tidwell: Welcome to Wrestling News Lifetime! My name is Chris Tidwell and today we're joined with Vanessa York. Today the news broke out that Robert Blake was having a contract dispute with Exodus and it didn't look good. Let's have a quick look at the article.

    Show Spoiler

    Chris Tidwell: This news was all over the wrestling world late last night and has anything happened? Is this really true? Is Robert Blake really going to leave Exodus?

    Vanessa York:
    It is true. Unfortunately they both can't seem to agree on a deal that is fair to both parties in the discussion. As of right now Robert Blake is still under contract to Exodus but his contract will come to a end the day before Summerslam. Right now we're working on a temporary contract so we can give the fans the match they want to see. Robert Blake is an incredibly gifted superstar that should find work anywhere. But it is very unlikely that they will come to a deal on the terms that Robert Blake is asking for. We're working for the interest of the fans and viewers and hope we can get Robert Blake to agree to the temporary deal. Unless something happens in the next few days then this will be the final match for Robert Blake as a Exodus Superstar.

    *Chris Tidwell looks shocked as he tries to speak. He takes a drink of water and begins to speak*

    Chris Tidwell: What?! Robert Blake is leaving? The World champion is leaving? This is terrible news for the wrestling world. Robert Blake has been one of the most dominant superstars of our time. Will Robert Blake leave before his Summerslam match or what? The tweets are going crazy right now! Can you tell us if he is agreeing to this one match deal?

    Vanessa York:
    Unfortunately I don't know. Robert Blake loves this sport and I really can't see him screwing the fans out of one more epic main event. Exodus have massive respect for Robert Blake and his skills as a wrestler. As I don't have any more information I must leave. Thank you for having me on the show.

    *Chris Tidwell gets to his feet and gives a big round of applause for Vanessa York*

    Chris Tidwell: Well...I guess it is true. We at Wrestling News Lifetime would like to thank Robert Blake for his great work at Exodus and wish him luck in whatever path he takes. Thank you for joining us! Goodnight!