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  1. No doubt he's one of the best players in the premier league, and one of the best strikers in the world. In my opinion he now joins Rooney, Messi and Ronaldo in what I used to call the elite 3, now it's elite 4, which is great for English football.

    People seem to think RVP is new on the scene, he's not. He's been at Arsenal for years and years now, so why has he suddenly become a top guy? Well, in my opinion, because of how poor Arsenal have been this year (discounting the end), he's had to drop back. What does this mean?

    Well watch Rooney, he isn't a ST, he's a CF. He drops behind into midfield, gets the ball, plays some killer pass to the wing, sprints to the box, receives the ball and scores. Remind you of someone? Yep, you guessed it, Lionel Messi. He's not a ST. Ronaldo is the same. He starts at LW (left wing), but he picks up the ball, runs to the center (normally passed two players at least), passes to the guy in front or the guys on the wing and picks up the ball again in the box and scores.

    What separates these guys from every other CF though? Well, they can all score exceptional individual goals. Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney and RVP have all scored amazing world class goals in the last 2 years. Ronaldo's freekicks/long distant strikes, Messi's long runs resulting in goals, Rooney's overhead kick, RVP long strikes.

    Why am I telling you this? Well unless Arsenal invest a lot this year, RVP will still be with some average team who won't win a trophy. I'm sure he'll be leaving, unless his love for Arsenal is too strong (similar to Gerrard). If he leaves, he'll join Barca/Real or City, though I doubt he'd be at City as it'd break Arsenal fans' heart. Dolph rightfully asked "who replaces him?", well, he nailed it. I think with Podolski already coming, I still think they need one more striker who'll be #1, and that could be Pappis Cisse, he's got what, 12 goals in 11 games or something? It's his first season!

    Long thread is long I know, but let's use this thread to talk about RVP and him potentially leaving, and who could replace him, if anyone. But I seriously seriously think Arsenal won't be in the top 4 next season.
  2. Strangely, up until this season he was BY FAR the most overrated Forward in the world. This season he's great, though. But he's not the kind of player that can cut things down the middle, like Henry and Bergkamp used to be. He's not a leader.
  3. I'd agree with you but this year he has been. If anything he's been the biggest and best leader in the prem. His goals are the reason Arsenal aren't in the bottom half. His goals are the reason they went through. He stood up and performed on those CL nights when his team gave up.

    He did used to be incredibly overrated, but this year he's proved that he is seriously one of the best in the world. Reminds me of a much more agile Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
  4. Can Cisse sign for anyone else? I thought you could only play for 2 teams every 12 months on a permanent deal?

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  5. The next season will be a true Proving Ground for him, in Champions League, and with few (?) new strong players.
  6. Hopefully he goes to Real if those are the only choices.
  7. Arsenal won't be buying strong players imo. They've bought Podolski who I'm already predicting will be a bit of a flop. They don't like buying big name players. If it wasn't for Wenger Arsenal would be in the same failboat as Liverpool.

    Chelsea will be spending $50m+ in the summer to get into contention again (they've already bought a talented midfielder).
    City will be spending $20-30m plus I'm predicting, to either stay on top or get top.
    United are reportedly spending $70m+ to counter City, but that was reported by the daily mail. But United will definitely be bringing in one or two big names like Hazard or Martinez. That's a certainty.
    Tottenham will be selling their fails and buying more new players to stay with it too.

    I don't see Arsenal penetrating that crowd.

    Edit: I'd like to see him at Real, that for me is the most likely candidate.
  8. What type of price do you think RVP will demand? I would guess 30-40 mill since he is nearing 30
  9. In normal circumstances he'd be $50m+, but his contract ends in the summer I think, so I'm predicting a price similar to yours.

    Arsene however has said they will keep RVP, so it's not definite he's going. I just can't see someone of RVP's talent staying at a club that won't get him a trophy.
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