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  1. Reports coming in that Robin Williams has died. Apparently suicide but reports unclear at the minute.

    Gutted to say the least dude was a huge part of me growing up.
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  2. Gosh, that sucks. He could play any role. Funny, Serious, Sentimental. I think his work in Dead Poet's Society, Good Will Hunting, and What dreams may come were iconic.
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  3. I'll do my RIP post after RAW.
  4. I was never really a fan of him, but R.I.P nonetheless.
  5. Too bad hear there was a mrs.doubtfire 2 coming up :sad1:
  6. It doesn't matter if you're one of the most beloved people in the world and it doesn't matter if you're wealthy. If you are depressed it is a life debilitating illness that needs to be taken care of with caution. I actually have to sit back and contemplate how sick Robin Williams must have been, how much pain he must have felt, how hopeless he must have felt. That is the saddest part. Not losing someone that some of us looked up to, but someone that we looked up to was in so much pain. It breaks my heart. I hope his soul is finally at rest and he can get the rest he deserves. This goes for anyone that suffers from depression, if you ever need an ear, let me know.
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  7. Was pretty much my childhood growing up. RIP
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  8. Yeah, I'd say I was a decent fan of his. Hook, Jumanji, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, even the bat from Ferngully - all good times from my childhood. Sad to hear.
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  9. R.I.P
    Robin McLaurin Williams
    7/21/51 - 8/11/14
    Chicago, Illinois - Tiburon, California
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  10. If it was suicide you can take my R.I.P post and throw it out the window.
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  11. Why? Because the guy was suffering and wanted it to end? Is that really a bad thing? Especially for someone his age? Wow you people are fucking shallow.
  12. R.I.P. Robin Williams
    and thank you for the library of films you left behind to entertain the masses.
  13. What? Nothing justifies suicide. If you take your own life in hopes of ending your pain (in his case depression) then you're not worthy of respect if you can't handle life's troubles. It may come off as being an asshole but that's just what I think.
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  14. That's ridicule. Sometimes, especially at his age of 63, people don't see another alternative. You really think handling life's troubles is THAT easy for some people? Some people have been put through shit endlessly, or have something dawning on them for a long time, but still can't avoid it. Regardless, it's not as easy as you think. It's justified if there's a/are valid causation(s) that would have lead Robin Williams to this choice, and clearly there were according to his wife. Never ever, try to tell someone they can't handle life's troubles. You don't know what they're going through, or how they're trying to go through it. End of story.
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  15. Also, I have not lived through that. Don't have depression, don't plan on it, but I've exhibited enough through third parties that I can make a valid extrapolation about it.
  16. Just logged in to tell you that if you don't go through depression, you will never understand it; you're not an asshole, you just don't get it. I go through it every single day of my life.

    Depression isn't an emotion. Depression is a contradiction to every worthy aspect of life.
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  17. In all honesty it's still bad. Would you give a child a gun or knife? Doesn't matter the drug, its still bad either way
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  18. Just heard about this, Really heart breaking.

  19. So you just stalk this forum? Creep.
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