Rock and Cena promo barbs garner WWE cereal deal

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. Well played John and Cena. Making :vince: the money.

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  2. Lol Rock made Cena a ton of money with that insult.
  3. I won't be buying Fruity Pebbles anymore. I don't need Cena's face in my kitchen :ohgod: :eww:
  4. So who will get the skin cream commercial? I know a certain Irishman with Strawberry yoghurt skin working for the company...
  5. Re: RE: Rock and Cena promo barbs garner WWE cereal deal

    You buy them anyway?
  6. Bryan to get a beard-care ad will be sick.
  7. Shit's dank.
  8. This just in Punk just got a Johnsons no more tears ad.
  9. Nice way to capitalize on the insult, making some more money.
  10. Took longer than I expected for them to jump on this.
  11. The Rock deserves a % of that money.
  12. Maybe Rocky will get a Direct TV/Dish Network deal out of the Cena insults.

    "Buy satellite TV, it's better than being there in person.....If ya smellllllll...."
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  13. I doubt he even wants money for it tbh, probably nothing to him :boss:
  14. I was being sarcastic because The Rock essentially gave him that role with Post(company that makes all of the pebbles) The Rock is set for life and doesn't need money, well so is Cena but you get my point.
  15. Yeah I know, just making the point :woo1:
  16. :obama: It's hard to communicate on the internet. I never know the tone of the conversation.
  17. LOLin so F*ckin hard..:lol1:
  18. WWE Executive Vice President of Sales & Partnership Marketing Andrew Judelson must have not seen when Rock called Cena a "yabba dabba bitch". Yeah it was the company's PG initiative that got this deal :cornette:
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