Rock buried the respect gimmick last night

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. I haven't re-watched the segment yet so pardon me if I get the quotes wrong but he called Punk one of the greatest wrestling minds ever and a great wrestler. He put him wayyyyyyyyyy the fuck over, along with his long reign. If anything he gave Punk TOO much respect

    So to all of you Punk marks who were hating on Rock, you should be on your knees blowing the guy because he just did more for Punk in 10 minutes than anyone has done for Punk (including Punk himself) since the Summer of Punk was derailed by HHH

    Rock did his job as a part timer perfectly. He sold CM Punk as a worthy champ and as a smart ****. Rock da bess
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  2. Agree with absolutely everything said in the OP. Rock was able to put CM Punk down whilst putting him over. That, my friends, is whats missing from so many wrestlers today. If Rocky made Punk look like a chump then when he wins, all he did was beat a chump. By building up Punk, he makes sure that when he wins, he's beating someone important. Rocky is still the man.
  3. Rock did put Punk over, but that was only a small fragment of that entire thing. I think that segment could have been better than what it was. I expect them to have more confrontations than that & they're saving the best stuff for later.
  4. I agree with you and I'm the biggest Punk fan here (Gohan :pity:), still Rock did what he had to, as a part timer he should put the Full timer over, so no big deal imo.
  5. Amen to this.

    All you Punk marks, don't be biased and read this beauty of a post.
  6. You guys know I'm a Punk fan, but I pretty much agree with every post above mine. He served his purpose as a part-timer in putting a full-timer over, but it was very likely not the best they can do or the best they have in store yet, since surely there is more to come. Putting someone down yet giving them kudos at the same time can be difficult to accomplish, but I have to give Rock credit for handling it pretty well. (I'm still not a fan of his, but I can give respect where it's due.)

    However....on my knees blowing him? :eww: That's ok.
  7. The Rock did put CM Punk over in a matter of minutes more than anyone else put him over thus far. I'm hyped up about this build and looking forward to what it offers, the match itself should be amazing. Your new WWE Champion, The Rock.
  8. well you're no fun
  9. Oh I would do it for you, just not Rock. :otunga:
  10. Completely agreed, said it last night, earlier today and will say it again now - Rock put Punk over perfectly last night. There was a perfect balance of jokes, catch-phrases for the marks and putting over his opponent.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Bumping this. Everyone needs to see this post, especially the silly Punk marks.
  13. Silly? *sigh* The Rock must must be a special talent indeed if he deserves to be praised for merely doing his job - and somewhat half-heartedly at that.

    I can admit that the promo was good for Punk, but why is this an excuse to worship The Rock and trash Punk marks? And why do people hate Punk marks so much? From I've seen it's The Rock marks who are obnoxious dicks. The OP even suggested we should all get on our knees and blow The Rock - and yet Punk marks are the silly ones?

    I don't get it. To be honest, I think you're all riding the The Rock's dick just a little too hard. Grow up.

    PS: That said, however, I do agree with the OP - The Rock put over Punk better maybe than anyone in Punk's career. But that's not saying much, and I'm pretty sure it was the writers who were mostly responsible.
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  14. I don't know you, but I like you. :obama:
  15. Everytime The Rock would jab at him with a diss, he would quickly react with the "no no no you think the rock doesn't know about you? and your abilities" The Rock was very good to Rock. He actually gave punk more respect the first time out than he gave Cena.
  16. Punk's promos are beyond lame, it becomes less like selling a match and more like trying to damage the career of his opponent.
  17. Pretty much. People fap because he 'cleverly toes the line' of kayfabe and reality by bringing up things like 'Supermen' or him 'becoming a good guy' but it is all pretty played out. It had it's place but we are past that point. He needs to freshen up his material or gtfo. I choose gtfo.
  18. Yeah, Rock put him over very well. Kudos.
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