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  1. With this briefcase bollocks on Sunday. Had a scary thought they aint goin for Rock/Cena at WM as a unification bout are they?

    Cena wins Sunday cashes in gets the WHC.

    Rock wins at RR defends at EC and is WWE Champ.

    Surely not?
  2. I doubt they'd unify them but tbh is there a bigger match to do it in?
  3. As long as two big brands/shows exist they wont unify the titles.
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    Could do it good imo, you'd then have the IC as the main SD title which improves it from where it was before.
  5. I suppose so but it was just an idea i thought up an it seemed WWE logical.
  6. Do the brands need to exist could RAW and SD just not become two shows on different nights? Do we need it to be seperste brands now?
  7. It won't happen, Dolph will win Sunday for sure, Cena will win the Rumble :facepalm: and go on to face and beat Rock at WM winning the title for the 36545356876 time.
  8. I'm totally with the idea of unifying the belts but not in a match between Rock & Cena...

    Just imagine DB as WH champion and Punk as WWE champion having a 60 minutes Ironman unification match :fap:
  9. Dude. Stop overplaying it. He's had the title 12 times. Not more, not less. I realize you are no Cena fan but overplaying it like that does not help point out your opinion.
  10. He already has the record of winning the WWE title 10 times, I think the previous record was 8 times by triple H , if he wins yet another time then its definitely too much..
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    Wouldn't draw a dime sadly, it's a business and people need to make money...
  12. Not really. Records are meant to be set and broken. That's a key part of any sport, even a staged/scripted one like pro wrestling. Gone are the days of long title reigns from the likes of Backlund, Samartino and Hogan. Today's product does not benefit well from long reigns since it is weekly now and WWE has multiple shows as well. That means that they must do changes more often to keep the product fresh and appealing. It was a totally different thing in the territorial days when you got a wrestling show with the NWA champ maybe once per year in your town or state.
  13. Won't happen. Two brands, two house show circuits, two World Titles.
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