Rock Concert was awesome but something ive wondered....

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Rock Concert was awesome I marked out watching that was so good but something that stuck out I wondered why was it ok for Dwayne to say bitch in that song to Vickie yet when he said that line about what curve is his favourite on a women someone shouted from the crowd pootang meaning lady parts and he said no this is a family show well saying the word bitch isnt family friendly so thats kinda hyprocritical. I hate this PG era it should be TV 14 where Dwayne can let loose on his promos
  2. Bitch is not a sexual word. It is an insult based on it's original meaning, female dog.
  3. Bitch means female dog. I understand where your coming from however they can't really screw at him for that because at the end of the day he does bring in many, many viewers.
  4. I'm not sure if that's PG regardless if it means female dog. We wouldn't see that on other PG programming for sure, but it's not the first time Rock has said bitch during the PG era, so it must fly with USA. At the end of the day it's going to be what brings in ratings
  5. I think part of why he was allowed to say it since he said "biatch" instead of bitch (even though we all knew that's what he meant). He was being his bold self without saying the word outright. And like the other posters have been saying, it's not a sexual word and more of an insult so I think that's why he could say that instead.
  6. It was also past 11pm EST, things get a little looser at that point.
  7. The corporate section on WWE's website says that they are technically rated TV-14 around the last hour. Though as pointed out, Rock saying 'Biatch' isn't considered as much of a curse word. Although I recall Cena saying 'bitch' in the opening segment of a Raw last year, when he shamed Eve in front of the crowd.
  8. I really dont see why he couldnt of said pootang since he said bitch. Kids wont know what that is since they werent around when he was first in WWE. The PG era is ruining what the Rock was about
  9. Creative is ruining WWE not PG. lol
  10. Let The Jose get this perfectly clear to you, sugar..

    The Jose did not hear The Rock say: ''Bitch''.. Quite frankly, The Rock said: ''Biaaaaatch''..

    Hardly a word and The Rock knows that, but someone had to lay the Smack Down on Vickie, and he did it by that....
  11. The Rock said it before, so it's not a problem to me. They also say ass, and bitch just means a female dog. yes it's an insult, but it's not like fuck and shit as to where they can't say that on TV because it is cussing.
  12. What is Vince gonna say? I know you spike our ratings like nobody else but please don't say biatch mr Rock
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  13. The boundaries are always pushed in Wrestlemania season. Stop complaining. People say they want TV14 and then when there is a slightest hint of it people run around crazy with their arms flailing.
    Expect more 'attitude' building to Mania.
  14. Actually Miz Tv with Flair did the highest quarter hour of the entire show.
  15. I miss the old days where the Rock could say anything and totally owned his opponant
  16. Actually, he didn't even push the boundaries. Nothing of what he said is unacceptable under PG.
  17. Exactly... people crying over nothing.
  18. And guess what? That rating wouldn't have been as high as it was without Rock being on the show.
  19. What was this weeks rating?
  20. Highest since RAW 1000.

    Ratings in for Monday’s 20th Anniversary RAW and the show did the best audience since the RAW 1,000 special back on July 23rd, 2012.

    RAW drew a 3.185 rating with 4.55 million viewers, up over 100,000 viewers from last week. Here’s the hourly breakdown:

    Here’s the hourly breakdown:

    Hour 1: 4.50 million
    Hour 2: 4.68 million
    Hour 3: 4.47 million
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