Rock Could Have done Better

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Victoria Justice, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. I wanted rock to lose but rock could have done better it looked like cena gave rock a run for his money

    Cena Still #Winning
  2. I agree Rock really could have done better in that match.
  3. Neither of them put on a great performance, Rock looked scared to get injured, which is understandable and Cena was lazy.
  4. Lose, not loose. I corrected it anyway.
    Rock looked like he was gonna dominate, did you see him at the start of the match. After the armbars did you see Cena's face?

    edit: dunno if it's called an armbar or an arm drag, oh well.
  5. No I think Rock was lazy as well as Cena. Pissed me off with that slow start even Rock Hogan's start was better.
  6. Arm drag Xanth he had nothing on Garrett though.
  7. the best arm drags in the business

    bar none
  8. Could you stop having "#Winning" on every post you make? Seriously it's annoying plus you can't even use hashtags properly.
  9. Personally I thought It was a good match with a real slow build towards what looked like a cocky finale only to be ended bu ok surprise surprise a Rock Bottom but still my casual fans I was with marked harder than me haha. :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Yeah the casual fans I know were pleased Rock won, but it's such a bad impression for WWE. A friend I know was saying "I told you Attitude Era was better". Wanted to RKO him.
  11. AH but see way I'm seeing this is if Rock has signed on for Summerslam and other PPV's Cena is gonna kick his arse all over it sets it up as soon as that news came out that Rock was in for more matches I knew he'd won as it'd continue past WM. It's gonna be a Summerslam finish imo
  12. Rock vs Cena will probably never happen for their match last night, it was good but there was WAY to much obvious talking during the match and I think that was due to Dwayne. That match could have gone much alot better and I believe that was due completely to the fact that Dwayne hasn't been in a one on one match in 7 years and the only reason he won last night was because he was a celebrity guest, no matter what anyone says that is all Dwayne is to me anymore is a celebrity guest Maria Manunos or Shaq he is a celebrity guest. A wrestler is there day after day week after week and he chose to move on to bigger things and now he is trying to do both but he cannot as he does a week with WWE and then months with a new movie...and he just keeps choosing do movie after movie after movie with no break what so ever. I appreciate and respect Dwayne for EVERYTHING he's done but he shouldn't have won at WM and he should not be WWE Champion again.
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