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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Picture he attached. That's got me so pumped for their match.
  2. Considering Cena lost to Kane (Double countout but Cena was down), I'm starting to doubt whether this will be a good match or not. I see a clear win coming from The Rock.
  3. Cena and Kane was a double count out wasn't it?
  4. it was a double countout no one lost! kept kane as a monster an avoided the cena loss!
  5. Yeah but in the end, Cena was down just like the past weeks.
  6. Though I still see it as Kane winning personally. He took out Cena & Ryder, left them both flat out on the mat. Great ending.
  7. doesn't count as a loss tho an makes kane look a monster!

    makes it huge for when cena starts embracin hate an beats kane down! its gonna be a war!

    lol @[Crayo]'s new pic
  8. I liked the finish aswell. Kane laying out Cena and his friends again is very symbolic of the hate destroying Cena's morals.
  9. The promo before the match was great. Showing both sides to Cena's fans, the haters and the hardcore kid fans. It's nice that most of them said they respect him. Pretty sure they got one fan that said he was stale :emoji_heart:.

    As for the ending yeah, it protects Cena from losing clean and it keeps Kane as the dominant monster converting Cena to embracing the hate. Ryder being laid out yet again further develops this story. I'm moving towards a massive character change for Cena at WM, I'm unsure on a heel turn but I'm definitely thinking his character will shift completely.
  10. theres somethin brewin for Cena i dont even think WWE kno yet tbh they seem undecided on whether its a full heel turn or just a character shift as @[Crayo] says
  11. WWE never know in advanced, they do night by night booking I swear. Apparently story-lines can change up to 10 times on the same day RAW is aired.
  12. Thats stupid should have at least 3-4 months worth planned outobviously wit minor changes for injuries or people not reactin to the story! but still plan ahead!
  13. I agree. I loved this ending. It didn't have Cena coming to the rescue and taking Kane out, but instead just came back for more punishment. Loved it.
  14. In my opinion, it will be a win from The Rock at WM, but I don't think it's going to be just any old match. I can see this being one of the best matches of John Cena's career.
  15. :thumbup:

    totally agree just hope theres some more build wit them both on the mic!

    anyone kno if rocks doin anymore events before WM?
  16. In my opinion there's no way Rock is going over Cena. Cena will win whether it's clean (and then attacks Rock) or not. WWE would make itself look so bad if Cena loses, lol.

    He's confirmed already that he'll be at 2 RAW's. One in March I think and one at the last RAW before WM.
  17. didn't notice he'd put rock to win that bit i do disagree with sorry

    i agree with the great match for cena one of his best no doubt!

    cheers @[Crayo] knew you'd kno!
  18. Personally I feel he might have an extra 1 or maybe 2 surprise visits? Perhaps at EC and another RAW. I can't see how 2 visits is enough to build there MASSIVE match at mania'.
  19. i kno its been hyped for a year we need promos and mic banter to get ppl more stoked!
  20. I seriously hope Taker will be at Wrestlemania. He's been gone for a long time.