Rock is a Steen fan.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Pointless thread of the day but no doubt having some support of a legend couldn't do him any harm if and when he joins the WWE. It also made me mark slightly.


    No idea who the guy in the middle is.
  2. Anyone with a brain is a Steen fan.
  3. Surprised you only just knew this lol. There was a thread here a few months back when Rock and Steen were speaking. Pretty awesome tbh.

    I liked the Curt mention too.
  4. Very interesting, Steen is an extremely talented individual and deserves to be recognized as such.
  5. I wonder if he will ever be picked up by WWE. I wonder how much Seabs would mark.
  6. They seem to be picking lots of indy talents recently, right? So there's a bigger chance than there was before.
  7. I doubt it will happen. His look is way too ordinary for WWE.
  8. You share my optimism my friend.
  9. Nice to see Curt in the tweet. He trained with Rocky for WM, right?
  10. Correct.
  11. He's a shit ass trainer than because Rock looked like doo doo
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