WrestleMania Rock or Cena then?

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  1. Who do you want to win?

    Who do you think will win?

    Answer those questions :emoji_slight_smile:

    I want Cena to win and turn heel, and I think it will happen.
  2. I don't really know who i would choose .

    The Rocks history is huge ! But i got much respect for cena .

    And yes now u say it Cena got a candy ass O: .
  3. Rock will win and Cena will start thinking he's not the best anymore.
    That's why he will turn heel :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. I'm thinking the opposite really. I think there's 2 possible scenarios for heel turn.

    1) Rock is about to win, Cena can't believe it, sells it with great facial expressions. Then cheats with a chair or something to beat Rock, then beats the crap out of him after winning.

    2) What I think will happen. Cena beats Rock clean, Rock goes to shake Cena's hand like Rock/Hogan. Cena shakes it, pulls him in and hits the FU.
  5. ^I hope it won't be that simple.
  6. They're very watered down versions, but I'm almost certain it will take place AT Wrestlemania. If Rock wins clean, then the company looks so bad. They won't let Rock win clean on their biggest superstar. Rock is effectively Hogan. Cena is effectively Rock. Back when Rock vs Hogan was happening, Hogan passed the torch to Rock. This will happen at Mania', hence why I think after they shake Cena is turning heel. How are they going to do that? Have him attack Rock, in his hometowm at Mania'.
  7. But that's so cliche. It has to be a bigger thing than just attacking Rock.
  8. What would you suggest?
  9. I think a short promo and an assault would do.
  10. So exactly the same as mine but with a promo lol :emoji_wink:.

    I say save the promo will RAW. Let the assault speak for itself.
  11. Will be similar to Wrestlemania 18 with The Rock Vs. Hulk Hogan.
    John Cena would win and to be honest, if he turned heel in the process, I wouldn't mind it.
  12. Yeah feel exactly the same with me. Worst case scenario is Cena wins and keeps his rise above hate gimmick, something I just can't see WWE doing.
  13. masked kane back , Cena is getting hated , But the haters of Cena? clearly don't appreciate how hard he tries to entertain us..
  14. Every guy in the WWE busts his ass to entertain the audience though. Miz possibly does equal the amount of media apperances Cena does also. The he works hard argument is kinda bs when he's doing basically what every other guy does for double even triple the money.
  15. Cena does more than all of them. He's holds the record for the most make-a-wish grants world wide. Just one example. No question he's one hell of a guy outside of the ring.
  16. Only because he's requested to them. Its an unfair way to judge imo. Just because say Zack Ryder isn't asked to perform as many as Cena makes him have a lower work rate? Plus how many of Cena's matches revolves around his opponent beating him down for the majority of the match? It's not like he's performing anything above bare minimum in most of his matches. I'm not saying he's lazy but he doesn't deserve all the credit he gets for a being a hard worker when many in the company work just as if not harder then him to little or no praise.
  17. He's booked that way. He's the Hulk Hogan of the WWE. Little kids like it more that you can get beat down but still win at the end. And they may request them but think of all the other shit he does, and still manages to fit in so many wish grants. He wouldn't do them if he didn't want to. There must be a reason why all the WWE Superstars say the same thing about Cena, that he's incredibly passionate about WWE and works his absolute ass off. If any of them thought "Hey, I work just as hard if not more" they'd say something.
  18. I know it's booking but I'm going to quote you here ''he wouldn't do them if he didn't want to''. If he didn't want to be booked that way he'd say so surely? I know he does alot of a shit but would anyone turn down a make a wish request? I've even seen Taker do them, which is big for a guy who seems to really preserve his character. I'm not saying he's not passionate and not a hard worker but it's just kinda disrespectful when people praise Cena but don't praise others because they don't frequently visit as many media appearances as John does. Let's be honest WWE has a monopoly on this business would you really say anything bad about the poster child? Is it worth ruining the chance of working for the biggest company in the world due to a gripe about not getting the credit you deserve?
  19. Good point, but there's a difference I think with booking. If his character was the opposite and dominated most matches the opponent wouldn't look strong. Most opponents look strong against Cena in their matches, for a guy as big as he is and how obvious it becomes that he won't lose against "Opponent X", he does make them look good. Ziggler, Punk, and Miz are great examples of that.

    You're right, other people do deserve praise and what I like further about Cena is that he gives it. He was pivotal in the rise of Zack Ryder, even in his feud with The Miz he said (and I quote) "CeNation. I do not think there is anyone in the WWE that works harder outside the ring than The Miz. That type of effort is truly amazing" and also said ""It is great to see other superstars so passionate about this brand. His work does not go un noticed.".
  20. Saw that tweet too. Cena is a hell of a guy like you say outside the ring. I bet he's as frustrated with anyone about his stale character, he gets unfair amounts of stick.