Rock/Punk, Rock/Bryan, Rock/Cena, Rock/???

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  1. Rock is in the title hunt again when it comes to the 1000th episode, we know that. Who do you think he'll feud with though? Cena is most likely winning MITB so does that automatically put him into the feud? Rock/Punk or Rock/Bryan would be SO awesome. Let's discuss some predictions :win:
  2. Rock/Cena again.
  3. Cena will win the WWE championship, and Rock will take it from him at some point.

    Feeling it, and calling that shit..
  4. Most likely Cena vs Rock >:O
  5. Yeah Crayo, it's not like Rock is putting that skinny fatass or that midget over. :dawg:
  6. I'd actually like to see Rock go up against Bryan, I think it'd be a lot better than Punk & Cena anyway.
  7. Rock and Daniel Bryan aren't fighting. I'll either be Rock/Cena or Rock/Punk at Summerslam, or maybe it'll be a triple threat. Maybe Cena will tell Punk (who retains at MITB) the night after the PPV that he's challenging Punk for the title on the 1000th Raw. Rock then shows up at the 1000th Raw and challenges the winner of that match at Summerslam. The winner (Cena/Rock seems more plausible) goes on to face Rock, or the match somehow ends in a draw or some sort of controversy, and it becomes a triple threat at Summerslam.
  8. Cena vs Rock is most likely to happen, I would love to see the great one vs Bryan or Punk, Cena vs Rock had a year build and the performance was poor compared to the amount of promotion.
  9. Not sure on the Cena ones, it was a "once in a lifetime" match. Not sure it'll happen again starting from MITB when WM was only a few months back.
  10. How about Jericho/Punk/Rock in a three-way feud?
  11. Jericho won't be in it.

    I see it as Punk/Bryan vs Rock at Summerslam with Cena cashing in reigniting their feud as Rock can't hold the title.
  12. What better way to bring out mid '11 Punk than to have him fued with The Rock.
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  14. Add in Cena too (which seems likely). He'd look stupid if he kept the same character amongst those two, so I could see it happening. I'd mark so hard.
  15. I'd mark so hard.
  16. I think Rock/A-Ry would be the best
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