Rock responds to CM Punk dig

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 19, 2012.

  2. ''Phillip'' :laugh:
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  3. I can't wait for that epic mic battle.
  4. Lol hope they keep this up till the RR it'll be comic gold.
  5. As good as Punk-Cena has been on the mic, I'm looking very much forward to Punk-Rocky on the mic.

  6. I seriously love how he calls him Phillip
  7. Why does a part timer have to beat the #2 guy in the company :downer:
  8. Yes, Phillip. :lol1:
  9. Punk got taken out.

    Play him off Keyboard Ron
  10. Because they have built no one else to replace him.
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  11. Lmao, can see the whole Phillip and Dwayne thing going too far.
  12. :hmm: True. That's pretty bad when you think about it.
  13. Lmao, yeah I can picture that too. Punk called him Dwayne at first as well during his "party".
  14. Dwayne just owned CM Punk by calling him Phillip
  15. Yeah init total burn. I mean, lol, he used his FIRST name? fucking burn son!!! :pity:
  16. There's just too much win between these guys it's unfair :otunga:
  17. They're both gonna need Aloe Vera next few months!