Rock says Roman Reigns is future WWE champ

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 26, 2013.

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  2. Well when the Rock says something it usually happens.Now he'll still a few years away from become WWE Champion, but he has all the skills in the ring, and he is improving on the microphone every week, and that intensity will get him over as a heel.That spear is vicious with his size, and I could see him as a good WWE Champion of course as a heel.
  3. Let's look. Charisma? Check. Talent? Check. Support by some authorities and superstars? He has Rock, so check. Potential? Check. Rock is absolutely right.
  4. Doesn't seem so much as a prediction, more like a friendly wink. On a side note, fuck the Rock. "Stay humble?" Motherfucker should practice what he preaches.
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  5. I do think he's right, he's got all the tools for sure.
  6. ....


    Anyway, seems like everyone is Rock's cousin.

  7. Any pro wrestler not named Samoa Joe with pacific islander heritage is likely connected to the Rock.
  8. I know, I was trying too hard. :okay:
  9. Hey, no big deal, got you a like! Hating on The Rock is in right now. Do your thing, girl.
  10. Anyone who takes one look at the guy can see he has major potential to be a break out star. He also has a certain charisma about him. He's also shown he's not just a super still big guy in the ring, he can move around and has good mobility for his size. Not exactly a freak of nature like Brock Lesnar who is one of the most athletic ever for a guy of his build, but still. Plus, Reigns has a pretty sick spear. We haven't had a great looking spear in years.
  11. Did you hear about my cousin? He bought my other cousin an SUV. Such a nice guy.
  12. I agree with The Rock but if he continues in The Shield I think Ambrose will be the WWE champion before him
  13. Is it wrong I see him as the breakout star of the Shield? He's got a great look (both his build and his face fits on a billboard nicely), he can work well enough, is a decent talker and has that natural arrogance from his body language to be a star, also look at his booking who's the one getting practically every memorable spot with his big ass spear? Oh hi it's Mr Reigns.
  14. Yeah, I see it happening as well. He's got the look, and his intensity is fucking sexy.
  15. Everything the Rock says happens.
  16. i hope not he the weck link in the code geass rip off! :pipebomb:

  17. Elaborate on how he is the weak link.
  18. He not better then Dean and Seth! Seth I think is better then both of then in term wrestler skill. However Dean is better at mic skill then seth but has good wrestler skill to. nut not better then Seth does though. if I was picking the guy who would go for the mid card title it would be Seth but that b/c I LOOK FOR A BETTER WRESTLER THEN A MIC GUY! WWE DOES NOT THAT LIKE FOR GUY WITH MIC SKILL BEFORE WRESTLING SKILL! Which is why we alway get crap wrestler now! But I like Dean so i will not get piss that he US as long as romon is not the one that pick.

  19. So he's not the weak link, you just dislike him lol. Roman has star potential which is pretty rare to find.
  20. he is the weak link he wrestling skill are not that good. he need alot of work on his wrestling and a spear does not cut it! AND MOTHER FUCKER CAN DO THAT! It not that are! Do I think he can get better HELL YES! But he not right there NO WAY! And his mic skill? Please he needs to call a his Cuz The Rock and get same lesson! :pipebomb:
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