Rock Scheduled for SmackDown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Extraterrestrial, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Rock is scheduled to appear on this week’s WWE SmackDown broadcast.
  2. Great, can't wait to see him wrestle. :dawg:
  3. Sure he won't wrestle, if they ask him to wrestle maybe we see another Fandango, imagine it.

    Jericho appears and Rock says "SAY MY NAME" and Jericho "Rocklister, Rocknightmare, Arockarselicker,..." and Rock "you're wrong, because of that you'll miss my first non-PPV match"
  4. Is he gonna be there or a recap from raw? :otunga:
  5. Sure he'll be there, he always is in almost every SD and Raw 2 weeks before a PPV
  6. Hey, after he spent more time on commercials during Impact this week than he's spent on Raw the past month, it's the least he can do.
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  7. :awyeah: +1
  8. :lol1::rock:
  9. What a complete waste of time. Zero reaction to the peoples elbow (apart from the piped in fake audio...)
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