Rock signs on for another year

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Feb 16, 2013.

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  2. Pretty obvious but I suppose confirmation is nice. I don't really care myself, maybe he'll fight Ziggler next year and I can get the feud I wanted this year. Not going to bank on that though.


    I really hope this doesn't lead to Cena/Rock III at Mania, the rubber match.
  3. 3-ice in a lifetime. :cole:
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  4. Not once, not twice, but thrice :burns:
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  5. Yet many people on here believed he would leave after this Wrestlemania.
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  6. This is it, you said it, I'd hate if he stills the champion until WM 30
  7. Don't worry, he'll lose it at 'Mania.

    Not particularly fussed unless he fueds with someone who isn't Punk or Cena. Rock/Cena 3 would be beyond a joke.
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  8. He is, all the article says is hes going to work WM; so he might come back for next year's RTWM, or just a bit before, like Taker has done in the past.
  9. They meant as in not be seen again, lol. He'll be there for quite a few more Wrestlemania's. Why wouldn't he?
  10. Yeah, it would be a joke, but think about it, maybe WWE wants Rock to keep carrying the championship because of his new film and could be a really good business to WWE
  11. if he is leaving to film he will lose it
  12. We already know it's heading in that direction with the rubber match, but maybe on the way there Ziggler will gather enough steam to get a match Rock like Punk did this year.
  13. They won't do Cena/Rock 3 lol, I mean I know they are dumb, but still not THAT Dumb..OH WAIT ....Or are they? :goatface:
  14. :pity1:
  15. Why are you pitying me? :mad2:
  16. :pity2:
  17. :pity1:
  18. I bet that means he'll have one more year to put someone else over.

    Oh, wait :facepalm1:
  19. I guess you have to expect anything when it comes to WWE. :downer:
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