Rock staying After Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JeebaK, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. Rock staying after Wrestlemania and facing Brock in Summerslam? See this report. Opinions please?
  2. Makes sense business wise, but I don't think I'd want to see it. Rocky isn't very good in the ring anymore (aside from his bumping/selling).
  3. If he's going to lose the title like I think he's going to, there would be reason for him to stick around for a little while longer for storyline purposes and then bow out later on.
  4. I will be surprised if he stayed passed losing the belt.
  5. honestly, a lot of rock haters have this idea that rock is some sort of selfish egotistical douche. this is no news to me, i already thought he would stay after wm 29. he is afterall here for the fans and wwe and nto for the glory. the glory is just icing on the cake.
  6. He's an attention whore. :pity:
  7. hes an entertainer. part of his job is getting and keeping your attention. it comes natural to him though. ever seen a rock movie? he just draws u in with his presence and charisma. an attention whore would be hogan.
  8. ATTENTION WHORE! :angry:
  9. ur an attention whore, why is ur avatar so seductive
  10. Actually I am the opposite. I don't like attention all on me.
    And its not... You are just a horn ball.

  11. ur only h8ing on rock cuz ur jealose of his success. im not a hornball, my hornballs is a hornball
  12. I wouldn't want his success. I don't want to be in movies or in wwe. I'd rather be a small town girl making a decent living.

  13. such a small minded reality
  14. All I need can't be seen. :pity:
  15. what do u need :ksi:
  16. :nogusta:
  17. orgasm?
  18. Lol at this thread
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