Rock swears he'll win, so he will

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    Omur god! Wock swore he would win da title, so he has tu win neow :cornette:
  2. Seriously? :dawg:

    I don't want to come off as posting less than I should, but I have no actual way to express how I feel with words.
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  3. Just for this, I hope he loses and then wins later.
  4. Classic, vintage Davey boy Meltzer. What a report!

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  5. Does anyone else think it's kinda stupid? :facepalm:

    Kinda reminds me of SuperCena promising every kid and baby around the world that he is gonna win for them :meh:

    Seriously though, do we even need him swearing to know that he is winning?

    The match is as good as his. lol
  6. I swear to god I will be intercontinental champion!

    There. Now all I have to do is wait for Wade cocking up. I can play the waiting game.
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  7. You're kind of a tweener though. God doesn't like tweeners :george:
  8. You think god can tell me what to do? Stone Cold Stopspot doesn't bow down to no one!
    *Stunners Jesus*
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  9. Lol go home Dave.
  10. This redundant "report" should go down to fucking memoirs as something like this should never, EVER be forgotten. Keep 'em rolling Rodney, errr Dave!
  11. I swear to god, When the Rock wins the WWE Championship. I will beat him and become WWE champion.

    ^ So guys, what do you think about my soon to be Championship reign?
  12. Riot Raven's been really stepping up on the forums, he'll be a great champion although he hasn't had an official match yet. I heard his promos from the indie scene was pretty awesome to/ Riot Raven gives me hope for the future of WWE, maybe he'll be the next face of it if all goes well. :jeritroll:
  13. Wait... so it "isn't a hard and fast rule", but because he said so, now any plans for Punk to retain have been completely axed?

    This seems like the typical logic that only makes sense to Meltzer.
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  14. Dwayne is gonna win the title he didnt come back to WWE to lose to anyone
  15. :yay:

  16. Evidently so, yes. :facepalm:
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