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Discussion in 'RAW' started by midlodcm, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. any1 want to talk about how rock should stay for awhile
  2. I would love it. He still has that main-event looked and could help a lot of lower-main eventers make that next step.
  3. I HOPE HE DOES! But he will not! He WILL WIN AT WM28! and then leave until never WM29 to feud with The Undertaker! :taker: :rock: !
  4. I don't think he'll stay for a while. Just until Wrestlemania.

    Did you enjoy Rock's concert yesterday?
  5. If Rock and Taker win this year, then battle it out next year, this forum would explode. Literally. I can't see how the servers could handle the uproar created by such awesomeness.
  6. Is it just me who'd rather Rock go up against someone else? I'd rather see Cena vs Taker to be honest.

    Rock can come up against an up-and-coming star like Punk, Ziggler, Rhodes, Miz even and can turn them into stars.
  7. I've already ranted about this in another thread. But has to be Rock/Punk and Cena/Taker if those matches are available.
  8. Looks like great minds think alike.
  9. NO! Taker vs. Rock is better! b/c old school guy!
  10. Why go back? Think to the future Randy.
  11. b/c there will be no future for wrestler the way are pro wrestling is going!
  12. Not even you? :shock:
  13. Because the old guys don't put the new guys over.


    Watch this from a man who's involved in the biz.
  14. Yes but Bryan the World Champion so he getting over as a heel!
  15. So why have Rock vs Taker? They're both past giving much to the business so why not do Punk vs Taker and Miz vs Rock? Those two could be put over than 10 years later could put over 2 more mega stars. Gotta continue the cycle.
  16. MIZ SUCK! He does not deseave face anyone! But I want to see The Rock vs. Taker! If this was case why have Cena face Rock at this year WM? HMMM? The srcew fit both way! :pity:
  17. Cena is 34 he can easily go 10 more years, Rock is 40 and in Hollywood and Taker is so beaten up he can't do much more and he's older.
  18. Jesus I love Bryan.
  19. No kidding.

    Cena vs Taker would be really interesting, if the Streak is intact. SuperCena is the only person left who can believably break it, and the match would actually have a point.

    :bury: go away
  20. Dude Rock is 37 NOT 40! Taker can still wrestle! The Orck can still wrestle why not put then in a match!
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