Rock to work another angle after WM?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. Lords of Pain

    This is a clue in my opinion that something big will happen at Mania and not the traditional passing of the torch thing. Maybe he'll continue his feud with Cena until Summerslam?
  2. I don't see Rock doing another match at SummerSlam.
    Mania is bigger than SummerSlam and they've been hyping Mania since last year.
    LoP is often wrong BTW.
  3. I'm pretty sure Vince said in a report that Rock will be around post Mania. Whether he works a match or not is still up to debate but it does seem likely he'll be there in some form.
  4. Rock said he's never leaving again.

    I take that as having an Austin type role where he pops in every couple of months

    In terms of matches, play it by ear... when the right guy comes, you do a match

    Let's not put Rock in retirement just b/c others have 'retired.'
  5. Rock to face Lesnar at Summerslam. Just saying.
  6. LoP is probably the most credible source out there. Also, just because WM s getting mega-hyped, doesn't mean he won't work after this. Summerslam is the 2nd biggest PPV in Vince's eyes.


    No way.
  7. Rumble is bigger than SummerSlam Crayo :/
    But IMO I can't see him continuing after Mania. May be wrong, but my opinion.
  8. No it's not lol. Rumble is probably the 4th most cared about "big 4" because the Rumble match draws itself.
  9. Mania > Rumble > SummerSlam > Survivor Series.

  10. It's funny how wrong you are.

    Mania > Summerslam > Survivor Series > Rumble

    Mania - biggest PPV of the year by a mile.

    Summerslam - 2nd biggest. Most of the years big angles will start/end here.

    Survivor Series - Used to be good, now it's just like bragging rights. They try to have big story-lines going in to it most years though to keep drawing good.

    Rumble - hardly any effort goes into it, it draws itself with the Rumble match.
  11. By your logic then, Mania should be last.
    People buy Mania because it's Mania.
    Most of the time the card isn't THAT great.

    I'd love to know who told you that SummerSlam and Survivor Series are bigger than Rumble. Oh boy.
  12. ... Rock vs Cena. Yeah of course Mania is the least important :facepalm:

    I'd love to know who told you Rumble is second.
  13. I'm not talking about Rock/Cena, I'm talking about in general.Just because a PPV draws itself, it doesn't mean it's not important..

    It is classified as the second-biggest pay-per-view of the year by many,"

    "LIVE from St-Louis is the 2012 ROYAL RUMBLE. The 2nd biggest PPV of the year."

    Seems I'm not the only one.
  14. You can't use opinions as sources. most people wouild agree it's the 4th. Just look into what effort has been made into those 4.

    Rumble this year - Was shit. Used the rumble match to push a future top face, the rest of the results were predictable and nothing really noticeable happened.

    Summerslam (last year) CM Punk vs John Cena unification match ended there. THE biggest story-line in many years.

    Survivor Series - Rock's first match back, teaming with his WM partner.

    WM - Rock vs Cena and many other big matches. WM doesn't really draw itself, the ending to all big feuds/story-lines is the main draw. You think people would buy nearly as much if the card was just like a RAW card? No. But Rumble could have anyone on the card, but people will still buy for the Rumble match.
  15. I think that is up to the THE ROCK HIM SELF!
  16. Rock vs. Cena II, if Cena turns heel, of course. I can't see any other credible opponent, not even CM Punk.
  17. Rumble is the second biggest PPV after WrestleMania, theres no doubt about it. Whoever says otherwise is thick in the head.

    And on topic, i always said that the rock will NOT loose to Cena. Rock is too great to do passing of the torch shits.
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  18. 1) You have no right to call people thick in the head, have you read some of your posts?

    2) Lmao if you seriously think Rock is winning then maybe you're thick in the head. Cena is the face of WWE, Vince's golden boy, there's no way he'll ruin the current era any further by having Cena lose to Rock clean.
  19. Neither of them need to win. It's not like Rock/Hogan where Rock needed to win.

    Cena is massively babyface, so is Rock. Rock gets a bigger pop than Cena EVERY time. It's a really nice thing to not know who's going to win this sort of match.

    It could, literally, go either way.

  20. 1) My bad, people told me not to call blind men blind, not to call deaf men def, but they never told me not to call thick in the head guys thick in the head.

    2) Cena WAS the face of WWE. The current era will actually be ruined more if they make Cena win, a lot of fans will stop caring about wwe if the rock looses. Theres no shame in loosing to the rock, hes one of the best of all times. So your point doesnt make sense.

    And i have said it hundred times, i will say it again, Rock wouldnt come back from unofficial retirement to loose a Main Event at Wrestlemania after a huge build up. Hes simply too big a star to be used for a push, there are wrestlers like Jericho to be used for that purpose.
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