News Rock told to quit WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, May 14, 2013.

  1. It's a pretty old story. I remember there being a thread on it right after mania. Still, silly Michael Bay is silly.
  2. I really don't care anymore.. What is there left for him to do?

    Don't give me Brock vs. Rock II.. That's just gonna suck.
  3. A
    Apologies it was sent to me today and had todays date stamp. Ah well.
  4. No worries Cloud.
  5. Rock's career is done. His promos aren't even as fluid as they used to be, he's stopped referring to himself in 3rd person as much anymore, it's a shame because it was such a nice inclusion to his character.

    I don't need to comment on his wrestling side of things, gets injured every match he's in, his wrestling ability has deteriorated completely, seeing him do a sharpshooter on Cena at WM28 was humiliating beyond belief.

    In a way Bay is right, it's time Dwayne retires. I'm still more than happy for him to appear once and again like most legends do, but he shouldn't be included in a long running feud or be stuck in a match.
  6. Thank God he's going.
  7. "Thursday, 25 April 2013"

  8. If the money is right, for Rocky and both WWE and the Rock will do good business..he'll go truly leave again I imagine.
  9. Cloud really hates him some Rock.
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  10. I couldn't care less if Rock ever stepped foot in a WWE ring again.
  11. Yeah its kinda noticeable at the min. Its a year of pent up annoyance at the WM match spilling over.
  12. Don't hate, appreciate. :happy:
  13. Lol yeah its only Rock I cant stand at the min he just bores me now. His matches are poor as well. Plus I'm a build for the future guy so would much rather see someone like Cesaro get pushed than them keep bringing Rock back.
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