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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zack Ryder, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Okay this is really starting to bug the crap out of me. The whole Rock vs Cena thing was a great feud but WWE is making it confusing. At last year's WrestleMania, it was said to be "Once In A Lifetime" but now we're going to see the match twice. The Rock is better. We all know that. Anyways, I hope the Rock beats the crap out of Cena and the whole rivalry between those two will end.
  2. Most of us here are hoping for a triple threat with Punk, to add new life to the feud.
  3. I'm hoping for it to be a Fatal 4-way with Ryback.
  4. Yeah, I think that in next's week Raw match Punk vs Cena there will be a double DQ and the match will be a triple threat


    I think he'll fight against The Shield with other two wrestlers
  5. Probably Sheamus and someone else
  6. Why do people make a huge deal out of the Once In A Lifetime stuff? It was just a name to hype the match. And you can easily justify calling it that and because kayfabe wise, you could simply say that Rock and Cena intended to fight only once, but then circumstances (i.e Cena winning the Rumble, Rock winning the belt) lead to them facing off again. People actually mock the WWE by saying they could actually call it a Once In A Lifetime Rematch, but I could actually see them doing just that. Not that I'm looking forward to it, of course.

    That said, I hope that Punk is entered into the match as well because it adds new life into the feud, not to mention he deserves to headline Wrestlemania given he's been a part of the main event scene since mid-2011. Not to mention his feud with The Rock has been pretty hot. No one would have ever thought Punk could legitimately feud with Rock of all people, but he has proven he can, and already long proven he can hang with WWE's current top star, Cena. Plus, while I can understand one rematch, I really don't want to see a third Rock-Cena match next year, and making the headline match this year a triple threat very much diminishes the chances of that happening.

    The Cena/Punk match next week should be exciting because I really don't know which way they're going with it. It's either:

    1. A no contest that leads to Punk being put in the match anyway

    2. Punk cheats his way to victory but because he cheats, Vince decides to let Cena enter into the match anyway, similar to Rey Mysterio losing his WM title shot in 2006 but being put in the match anyway by Teddy Long.

    3. Cena beats Punk, and that allows him to exorcise one demon, since not getting a victory over Punk yet has been one of the things bothering him. Finally obtaining a victory would give him a lot of extra confidence that he can also beat The Rock at Mania. Then Punk goes on to say he's gonna top Cena and Rock and being the WWE Champion by accomplishing something even greater and more worthy of remembering by defeating Undertaker;s streak. While I would love to see Punk in the triple threat, this is a pretty good set up for Punk/Taker as well.

    And no chance that a fatal four way with Ryback is happening. That would be totally random, and it gives The Shield really no one to work a program with for Mania.
  7. You've seemed to think this through.
  8. Every time i see you post, i just end up agreeing and leaving the thread alone. Klock is always on point here.
  9. Undertaker will not be at this WM so throw Punk vs Taker out the window.
    He didn't want to be payed less then Brock and Rock which I think for the match Undertaker does, and how he beats the living crap out of his body, he should be payed the most.
    Anyways... I can see this ending up being Cena vs Rock vs Punk.
    Cena stated he never beat Rock and never beat Punk so for a WM match with the title on the line, for him to beat both of them in one match will pull good ratings. I am not sure if I will like that or not It all depends on what happens after that. If Cena wins the belt and Rock continues to fued with him... I will not like it. If Cena wins the belt and continues to fued with Punk... I will not like it. BUT if it somehow sets up new feuds with different wrestlers, I would like it.
    Either way... Seeing Rock and Cena in the same match for the second WM in a row is... Crap.
  10. Where did you hear the part about the money?
  11. It was speculated that Undertaker will not do another WM unless he is paid the most. Since Brock and Rock have both been signed from now till next WM, I can't see him coming back then either. I heard this from a die hard Taker fan. I will try to find the info I am not sure where he read it at.
  12. On a side note... It could just be to throw people off. Who really knows at this point. He has become a huge deal in WM and his match alone brings a ton of cash in. I really can't believe anything people say atm because it is all speculated mumbo jombo from "sources"
  13. The only way Cena should win in NY/NJ is if he turn heel b/c the NY/NJ don't like him he will be boo out of the arena! Which is why if it a 3 way I said CM Punk win back the Title Back. Or The Rock if the roomer is true and Rock is staying intel E.Rules and then can loses the WWE Title there at E.Rules. I don't how true this is but been hearing from friend I know? As for Undertaker I SAY BEFORE AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN! Undertaker is vsing Brock! HHH arm was broken twice so HHH mae the chice now to wrestler again. He said back at the slammy "We have not seen the last of The Undertaker"! Brock come out to crovfront HHH and it look like HHH is going vs for WM but then said of I not going wrestler at WM29 I got someone else who want u at WM the man who UNBEATIN AT WM the guy who I cokeslam!
  14. I would love to see him turn heel... Specially since Rock is staying for another year. He can be the "face" for right now.
  15. Rock won't be staying the entire year. He has movies to film a month after Wrestlemania and beyond that.
  16. But I did hear he staying into E.Rules though? If this is so then he can win at WM29 and then lose the WWE Title at E.Rules. But so far at this it a roomer.
  17. Sounds delicious! Is it similar to the Pepsi Plunge?
  18. I really hope Punk is added, and I believe he will, with some sort of draw on Raw. So there's not much to complain about, I guess.
  19. LMFAO :LOL1:
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