Rock vs Punk possible change at RR?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Some of you have said you feel Punk will retain @ RR, perhaps you all are right.
  2. I'd understand if they did this since they can protect Punk in the chamber by having Rock pin someone else.
  3. Rock isn't winning at the Rumble.

    No way, unless they put Rock/Punk after the Rumble match (highly unlikely) is Rock winning at the Rumble.

    There's going to be some kind of fucked finish and Punk will retain, more than likely through The Shield interference.
    The Rock then enters the Chamber and wins the RAW chamber in the Main Event of the chamber PPV.

    The Rock winning the title is a major deal and they aren't gonna let that happen 2nd from top.

    Just my opinion, what do you think?
  4. Rock isn't winning at the Rumble.

    You could have just posted this in the news thread which reports the same thing.
  5. RE: Rock isn't winning at the Rumble.

    Where? I looked beforehand to see if there was anything like this and I didn't see any.
  6. RE: Rock isn't winning at the Rumble.

    Here. It reports news that there are talk of making Rock win at the chamber instead.
  7. RE: Rock isn't winning at the Rumble.

    Ah. I honestly didn't see that. Feel free to merge.
  8. RE: Rock isn't winning at the Rumble.

    It would be stupid to give Rock a one month reign instead of two, that's just annoying. Rock needs to and will win at the Rumble.
  9. RE: Rock isn't winning at the Rumble.

    If you're right, I go to -500 rep.

    If I'm right, you give me 500 rep.

  10. Hope it's true. If Punk defeats Rock somehow, it'd show that even the great Rock couldn't defeat Punk which could result in better promos for RAW afterwards. If Rock wins, that's what you'd expect so it's not a suprise and the promos for RAW would just be Rock celebrating and making twitter history...
  11. I don't know. I'm not too keen on seeing CM Punk champion for another month, we'll see though.
  12. Well, that'd be OK. I don't really want to see Rock carrying the belt, and that'd probably mean that the Rumble match will go last, so I'm all for it.
  13. Who wins the match will be such a huge deal either way that I feel the match should go on last, no matter what.

    I've been saying for awhile I have this lingering feeling that Punk will retain, and after the promo on Monday, the feeling was even stronger since Punk beating a legend like the Rock would garner him even more heat and momentum for the things he said about being above the other legends who have held the title. On the other hand, I could see them keeping Rock undefeated until Wrestlemania, but the same goes for Punk, which makes me fear a pussified ending like a DQ or no contest.

    Rock being in the elimination chamber almost proves to me that Rock is winning, though. Because no way is Rock winning it in the chamber just to keep it one month. If Punk isn't gonna walk into WM as champ, then might as well give it to the Rock at the Rumble in the big one on one match. Also, how does Rock not pinning Punk protect Punk? It makes the situation more annoying because the guy who pins Punk (the guy with the long reign) doesn't even get to win the match and the title, but rather the guy (Rock) who lost to Punk the month before. This point doesn't mean anything though if Rock isn't in the chamber match, which they still have time to change plans on.
  14. I'm all for this...
    Some of you guys don't get the point of this, if this actually happens, this means that we will have Rock/Punk at WM29 instead of Rock/Cena because Punk will have to get his rematch.

    If Rock wins at RR, Punk will get the rematch at the chamber, and Cena will be the one who defeats The Rock at WM29, and I have absolutely no interest in seeing Rock/Cena 2.....
  15. It doesn't mean that at all. Unless I'm wrong, the main event of the Royal Rumble has never been the main event of WrestleMania for the obvious reasoning that doing that is just bad business. At most, you can argue that Rock winning at the Chamber will mean we'll get the triple threat between Rock/Cena/Punk. Which at the very least, is still preferable to Rock/Cena II. Although, I've read WWE is set on Punk/Taker, so it really doesn't mean anything. It's not like the re-match is automatically the next PPV match. Hell, Punk's re-match the last time he lost the championship wasn't the PPV after. It's just another rule that WWE can easily bend to get their desired result. So in that way, it doesn't entirely matter when Rock wins.

    I'm not entirely sure whether or not I'm a fan of this idea or not. Partly due to the fact that I've lost pretty much all the care I could muster for WWE currently but also because I'm not sure what's the better scenario. Their are certainly pro's and con's to both, and honestly when I weigh them out in my head it's relatively equal.
  16. I could see this happening, because as WWE champ I would expect Rock to be at more shows, but if he has a busy schedule then it'd just be better to have Punk have another month. It might actually happen with the Shield still around to interfere in matches.
  17. WAIT WAIT IS COMING ! :yes::yes:


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