Rock wearing the WWE title in public

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Feb 18, 2013.

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  2. Rock wearing the WWE title in puclib

    Great publicity for WWE.
  3. Good publicity. Wonder if he'll be slightly embarrassed :hmm:.
  4. The pic kind of looks like he is laughing at it.

    "I have the corniest belt"
  5. Hopefully he'll have some input and persuade the higher ups to change that shit.
  6. I'd be pretty damn embarrassed carrying that silly spinner toy around, but then again I'm not a millionaire.
  7. Glad he's wearing that title for all those G.I Joe plugs there was last night at Elmination Chamber. I can see how The Rock being in WWE is mutually beneficial.
  8. Two way situation here..

    He's wearing the belt in public, and WWE promotes his moves.

    Not bad.
  9. Didn't know the WWE belt could look any worse than it already was.
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  10. At least.
  11. And this is why the new WWE title looks the way it does: Company Exposure.

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