Rock's notes - not a work

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    Told you.
  2. :laugh: He did look legitimately embarrassed at the time.
  3. What does this mean john will be fined ?
  4. Definitely when John encounters something that is not a work he makes a big deal about it.

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  5. @[Dolph'sZiggler]


    He was legitimately red-faced.
  6. Well, I'm even more rooting for The Rock now, because Cena is just whining like a little bitch. Very unprofessional from him, to go on that level.
  7. That is so f*cked up from Cena's part, I lost respect for him. Stupid fruity-pebble penguin.

    Seriously as of now I hate Cena that was really stupid of him to say so.
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  8. Unprofessional or not Rock has done the exact same thing. Imagine it like this. Rock can login, view internet complaints about Cena and rant about them - hence the insults on his look, "superman" and "phonyness". Cena has nothing to go on. Rock is an internet darling and a casual darling, yet the majority are staying Cena is 3-0 in terms of head to heads thus far.

    At least he's shutting those up who say he can't work a mic.
  9. I don't get why people are disliking Cena's comment tbh, it isn't a major point of the feud just pointing out the obvious. Plus they were semi shooting at least so all is fair in love and war.
  10. I want to see that one guy John Cena loses to cleanly. Unfortunately people think punk's win at mitb was not clean.

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  11. :bury: < there you go at NOC (I think it was)
    It wasn't clean at MITB in all honesty as Cena was kayfabe distracted.
  12. The notes not being a work (and yes, the source is about as credible as you or I debating it) doesn't debunk my theory of the feud being designed to make cena look better up until last week.
  13. Cena beat Del Rio at NOC

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  14. There has been more then one NOC :lol: I think it was 09.
  15. Or else honestly Cena has to put over at least ONE superstar.

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    Oh yeah true that seabs but wasn't that a triple threat? Yeah either way John Cena has never lost a match perfectly cleanly where he was pinned one two three with no distractions and tactics

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  16. He puts people over such as Sheamus, Punk, Miz and ADR. Just not cleanly but he's booked that strongly that even beating him dirty is better than beating most others clean.
  17. But beating John Cena cleanly is close to Undertaker losing his streak. It could put over somebody for a LONG time

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  18. Could do and I think that's why they're so protective of him currently so when someone does beat him clean it will create a mega star. Such as Warrior beating Hogan at WM 6.
  19. I've read the entire article and I'm still calling rubbish on it. The full article says that Rock has noticeably done this for years, yet we've never noticed it before. I still don't see the logic in a promo master such as The Rock writing notes on his wrists for an easy-to-remember promo in the first place.
  20. It doesn't say he's done notes for years, it says he's used techniques to remember lines for years. Like teleprompters for example.
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