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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Extraterrestrial, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Don't expect The Rock's return to RAW on January 7th to pop a big rating because it goes head to head with the BCS Championship game, which draws more viewers than even a major Monday Night Football game. At best, The Rock being on the January 7th show may prevent it from doing another 2.5-level rating. Current confirmed dates for The Rock include January 7th, January 21st, January 28th, the Royal Rumble and the Elimination Chamber. Obviously more dates will be confirmed.

  2. Hopefully he cuts a promo for the raw after the TLC PPV
  3. This. But knowing Rock it would be via satellite link!
  4. I can't wait for him to make a return it will be awesome! :woo:
  5. I guess competition is always a problem. What's BCS?
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Liked! Great pic.

  8. Haha No doubt about it!
  9. Isn't the first RAW of the year taped or something? I'm sure someone said that, which explains why he's returning on the 7th.
  10. The first Raw of the year is the one on January 7th.
  11. Well now I feel stupid... Thought it was on New Year for some reason. Damn you Leo.
  12. :sandow:
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  13. Bowl Championship Series.
    Think along the lines of the Super Bowl at the college level. It's kind of a big deal.
    Well, in the south it definitely is. My home state here has won the national championship the past three consecutive years, and the University of Alabama being in this BCS game means we have a shot at 4 in a row.

    Now that I have stepped in to answer your question, wrestling chat may resume as usual. :smug:
  14. I welcome the rock back for a few matches, but I don't welcome him ending the longest title reign in RAW history as a part timer...

    He shouldn't put his hands on the title ffs...
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  15. I agree completely, as much as I like the Rock, it sucks for Punk to go out like that. I'd rather have him stripped for being injured then getting beat by Rocky. Punk should only lose the title to someone who has put in their time *cough*DB*cough*
  16. :yes:

    Its a dream scenario for me to let DB win the RR match and go on to face Punk at WM in 60 minutes Iron man match...

  17. That would be epic! :blown:
  18. We should be writers in WWE , instead of those stupid idiots who are currently booking the program :smug:
  19. Sign me up any time, lol :vince:
  20. The problem is that they like being stupid, thats why they won't sign us up :upset:
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