Kayfabe Rocky Beginnings

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  1. Rhys has just come out of his first match vs Will Neilson (Also the first leg of the tournament for the undisputed championship) with a shocking loss after a fantastic counter to his finisher. Alex Price runs over to Rhys to catch up with him as he is walking backstage.

    Alex: Hey Rhys! Can I get a minute of your time to talk about that great debut match?
    Rhys: Sure... go ahead dude.
    Alex: Okay thank you, so what was it like when you were making your first ever entrance here in Precision? Hearing the crowd's cheering and applauding echoing around the arena must of been amazing.
    Rhys: Yeah man, it was like nothing I have ever seen or heard before, hearing my music blasting out loud as I ran to the ring was a rush indeed.
    Alex: You were also great in the ring! You and Will put on something special during tonights show. Its a shame to see you lose though.
    Rhys: Im not here just to win Alex. Well... Of course I want to win gold and defend it but thats not what its all about. Win or lose, I want to put on amazing matches where I can show off everything I know in the ring! *Rhys grabs the mic from alex's hand and faces the camera* Whoever is next, im gonna take you on with the energy and rush I still have from ths match, I haven't even gotten started yet.

    Rhys throws the mic in the air behind him as he begins to walk away expecting Price to catch it. The mic quickly slams to the ground making a ear destroying static screech.

    Rhys: You were supposed to catch that dummy!

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