News Rocky's going to mania

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 28, 2015.

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  1. Straight from the man himself.
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  2. Oh, that's awesome! It'll be great seeing The Great One, even in a non-wrestling role.
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  3. I sort of figured he would. There has been so much talk regarding his schedule with the movie but it's always best to wait until he says yes or no rather than listening to the interpretations of the facts by other people.
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  4. The "rumors" that he isn't going to be able to compete are probably a load of BS. I'm starting to really hate all these so called "wrestling news" sites. Most of them are literally a bunch of made up crap that they claim heard from "sources backstage"
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  5. Yeah it is pretty hit and miss for the most part. Most of them are either copying off the Wrestling Observer, which seems to be wrong as often as it is right, or taking something a wrestler has said and adding their own context to it. Even when I was younger and used to get the actual newsletters in the mail, they were very often not right.
  6. Yay
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  7. Can he compete though? He has time and appears to be in good shape, don't know who he can take on though
  8. I hope they book him in a good way. I mean I really thought he wasn't going to be here... But I seem to fall for the rumors like a 13 year old lol
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  9. Don't feel bad, I do it too and you would think after watching this sport for 30 years I would be to jaded to believe anything.
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  10. There's also been talk about his sponsors or whatever not allowing him to wrestle. But whatever happens, I'll be glad to see Rocky at Mania, baybay!
  11. I miss the thrill prior to this social media garbage :okay:
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  12. Wasn't he just a host the first year he was back? He can get away with it. Maybe he will be a ref.... :mog:
  13. Damn internet and all that jazz have ruined everything! I wanna be a mark again!
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  14. Agreed. Like during the Monday Night War, it was much easier to be surprised. I always taped WCW and watched Raw live... I'll never forget nearly messing myself when I watched Nitro and saw Ravishing Rick Rude, who had just been on Raw the same night. We'll never get a moment like that again.
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  15. Well, he was a host, indeed. But hosting the show doesn't equal wrestling on the show.
  16. Even PPV's had more just, idk, LIFE to them. You couldn't predict much of anything back then because you didn't have noisy people and prying eyes blabbing online.
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  17. inb4 ref for Reigns match
  18. inb4 Reigns turns heel.

    "Oh, hell no!" - Vince
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  19. Vince would turn Cena quicker then Reigns at this point. He is riding this pony on into the sunset.
  20. I think at this rate, Cena is good to go for 5 years, at the very least.
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