Roddick to retire after US Open.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Sep 1, 2012.

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    He's never been a major tournament winner bar his win at the US Open but even with my limited ( trust me I'm talking Khali as a wrestler limited here) tennis knowledge I know he's a really talented player with a monster serve, not one of the greats such as McEnroe or Federer but he's the tier below that IMO.
  2. How old he is? USA gets another damage after Phelps.
  3. He's been injured quite a bit hasn't he?
  4. Really unsure as I say in the OP I rarely follow tennis, Crayo or Mainstream will probably offer a better response as they follow it more I believe. Also he's 30.
  5. My all time favourite Tennis player. I never posted this because I didn't expect any replies, but he is an idol. His injuries have been horrid. What I liked about Roddick is his passion for the game and his personality. He'd always be a complete sport, his sense of humour was hands down the best in professional tennis, there's plenty of videos I can post of charity matches where he's just making everyone in the audience laughed when mic'd up whilst playing.

    Great guy, great tennis player too. He gave us the greatest tennis match in history with his Wimbledon lost to Federer, which was so unfair on the guy. Real shame, wish him the best in life.

    US fans shouldn't be annoyed, Fisher is above Roddick now in terms of how far he can go in tournaments. Roddick has the best serve in tennis history, but not even that can save him now.
  6. I love Andy Roddick, he's been one of my favorites for years, and has been the face of American tennis for a while now. It'll be real sad to see him go, but he seems like he's going on his own terms which is nice.

    His injuries are what killed him, that and the fact that especially at the end, he had not much else other than his serve. Federer was always there to stop him from winning more Slams, but I'm sure he's happy with all the titles he's won and his US Open win in 2003. Knowing the kind of guy he is, he'll continue to be involved some way in American tennis.


    The next match he plays will most likely be his last, as I don't see him beating del Potro. If he somehow wins that, no way he's beating Djokovic. Any casual fan of tennis should check out the match when it airs if they get the chance.
  7. Dude was huge at age 16, he probably is going to move into something he isnt top 5 in. His ego is shameful.
  8. Well the last post just confused me, and I have literally no comment to I'll just update on Roddick.

    Andy Roddick [20] and Juan Martin del Potro [7] are scheduled to play at 6:00pm (Central Time) tonight. There's most likely going to be a live stream on at some point for those who don't get ESPN. I'll be watching for sure.
  9. Posting that is your comment. Passiveagressive posting at it's finest. I'm confusing and biased as hell, i won't disagree there. What i meant was that he could do this for another few years if he wanted, but i get him moving on as he has been in for so many years, and through injuries. The last part was a cheapshot, because #20 seems so low to a lot of people, even though no one posted it here. He is one of the best ever, i should have avoided the thread, or thought through my post instead of getting straight to my point assuming people know what i meant.
  10. I wasn't being a dick or anything, I was just really confused on the wording. Moving on to something he isn't top 5 in made it seem like he was moving onto something where he wasn't elite in...and he isn't elite in tennis anymore, and I just didn't understand the wording hah.

    He's actually ranked 21, which puts him out of the top 20, and for a former World #1 and a guy with a bit of an ego, that's hard to stomach. A lot of tennis players retire when they can't compete at a high level anymore. I don't think Roger Federer will stick around when he drops to 20, hell people wanted him to retire last year when he was ranked 3. It's just tough on amazing athletes to suffer loss after loss.
  11. the real shame is that people see #21 in the world as not elite.
  12. Well to be fair, in the tennis world that isn't elite. The top three players (Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal) dominate so much of it and are so good that really anybody outside of them isn't as elite as them, and once you drop past the top 10 then they really have no chance of winning a Slam, which is what all players try for.

    I'll start with 2003, the year Federer won his first. After 2003, there have only been three times when you combine all 4 slams that Nadal, Djokovic, or Federer hasn't won.

    del Potro won the US Open in 2009
    Safin won the Australian Open in 2005.
    Gaudio won the French in 2004

    Other than that, nothing. That means out of the last 35 Slams, 32 have been won by those three.

    Andy Roddick is great, and 21 is awesome as there are only 20 people better than you in rankings, but with his age, injuries, and lack of top 4 skill he has about a 1% chance of winning a Slam, so that's why it's frustrating for the next tier down in tennis, it's incredibly difficult to crack through.
  13. Agreed, but still, 21 in the world is still money/skill/elite, IMO.
  14. his wife is a dime
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