Roderick Strong: Is there main event potential?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 8, 2013.

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    The messiah of the backbreaker is already a ROH triple crown champion, but is there any real main event potential in him? He was pushed to the main event scene when DB, McGuinness and Aries left/got fired and has since then been involved in somewhat high profile angles in ROH. But is he one of those guys you think ROH can build its new generation upon?

    His work ethic and work rate is really good, there's no doubting his skill in the ring. But he is a bit lacking in charisma and character. Would a gimmick solve that or is there any other way that Strong can work himself into a true main eventer?

  2. No in my book. Upper midcarder 4 life. He just doesn't have it.

    By the end of his career though, I'd give him a Thank-you-title-reign , because he's a freaking machine and a workhorse.
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  3. Never saw star potential in him. He's the proverbial "good hand". He doesn't really have bad matches, but I can't recall him having any all time great matches either. His mic skills haven't improved at all since I've followed his career, which is at least 5 years at this point.
  4. I've never been a fan so I'll be bias but no, as Testify said he's a workhorse no doubt but he isn't anything else.
  5. Great worker and executes his moves well,however he is not the best on the mic and he is not person that can be the main guy of any company.He still might get another reign though.
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