Evolve Roderick Strong to make Evolve debut

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. Roderick Strong coming to Evolve is a bit of a shocker. Since Gabe split from ROH they have kind of been at war and talent has only been able to work for one side. Maybe they are mending bridges finally. Which is great for indy wrestling.
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  2. Knew he was returning to FIP in a couple of weeks, but good to hear he'll also be at Evolve.
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  3. Great news! Bit of a shocker indeed, it could be that they're finally making up, or maybe it just means Roddy has finished up with his ROH contract.
  4. I wondered about that but hadn't found anything on it yet. Last week when I read he was returning to Full Impact Pro I wondered if he had left ROH or if he was doing both.
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  5. Yeah, same here.
  6. Just thinking of all the amazing matches that Roderick could have in Evolve with their talent. <333
  7. Strong has done everything in ROH, nothing to do there more.

    Why not go somewhere else indeed?
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  8. He needs to see if someone in the WWN family can "out Roderick Strong" Roderick Strong.
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