Roderick Strong's opponent at Supercard

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Roderick vs Machine Gun? This will be interesting.

    Discuss! How do you think this match up will go?
  2. wow this is really great news maybe ROH are going to form some sort of working relationship with NJPW seeing as we already had Forever Hooligans in.
    Glad that strong is not being overlooked and is still going to be a fixture at the event. looking forward to this match.I think Anderson might get the win here and set up a return bout.
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  3. I read a rumor in the comment field on a dirtsheet about a ROH and NJPW partnership. Imagine if we could get Devitt for Border Wars.
  4. :yes: if thats the case ROH have stepped up their game which is good.
  5. Major step forward for ROH if this is true. I cannot find any sources on this but a man can dream can't he? Gonna make a discussion thread for this so we can discuss the possibilities.
  6. Devitt would give me a semi, I love that guy. Tanahashi vs Steen has to happen. Not a huge Roddy fan but Anderson is on fire currently (him vs Tana is my MOTY thus far)
  7. All I can say is:


    Long overdue since I was interested in a ROH match like this.
  8. Karl Anderson and Roderick Strong?

    Now that is going to be talked about a lot on the internet!
  9. Anderson has also signed on to work the TV tapings the next day as well. He will face Michael Elgin.

    @seabs prepare to get your former boy's ass whooped.
  10. I still like Elgin, just think he's overrated Machine Gun is my boy also.
  11. Strong vs Anderson will probably be the better match though. Roderick and Anderson both work strong style really well.
  12. Anderson vs. Elgin is dope.
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