Rodgers does poor job of shooting down gay rumors

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 13, 2014.

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  1. I didn't even realize there were gay rumors about him. He seems pretty awkward at times in the public eye during some interviews. He's gotten better over the years, though. All the PDA photos that have been circulating are a bit bizarre considering he seems like such a private guy in general. Either way I don't care if he's dating her or if he's gay, I'll still love him either way.
  2. I agree, just sad (IF he is gay) that he feels the need to go so far out of his way to pretend to be straight.
  3. Definitely. I think in this day and age there are far more people that are accepting of it than those that oppose it.
  4. You'd be surprised.

    Hope he is gay, gives me some hope. :yay:
  5. He's gay with braun. They have aids @aids
  6. He prob came all.over her right before this pic and was a lil grossed out. After i bust my nut im not interested anymore either
  7. Don't care.

    Now if Drew Brees was gay...
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    Gotta go get dat ass
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  8. 3 some?
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  9. Why not :adr:
  10. Everyone look at the homophobe.
    Title wins are wins. If he puts D in B's neither of us care.
    Look at the guy taking it slow. Oh what a show with the 6 he is with.

    Get at me when he is seen being blown by the 10 he normally spends time with. Why the fuck do I care? I dont. Why the fuck do you care? Umad.

    A-rod is a fucking stud and if he is putting it in Braun IDGAF as long as we win. All it does is give the demofags a chane in WI.
  11. Can you even read dick lips? I clearly stated multiple times it is no big deal to me who he wants to have sex with.
  12. Giving me pet names. ILY2.
  13. like I said, I'd go gay for Rodgers, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed
  14. He already has Brauny.
  15. When Carson Palmer comes out of the closet you have a chance, but Craig Counsell has more of a chance with A-rodgers than you do bro, and he is down the line easily. If you want to go for it let me know and i'll give you a closet to sleep in close to Green Bay, WISCONSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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  16. I'll fuck a rod one day bro that'll Show you
  17. Take a bow princess
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  18. you'll be the bottom.
    The best part of this thread is that at least A-rod isn't that down syndrome wearing Eli. What gif represents your whole season?
    The homer simpson of the NFL.
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