Rodman says if LeBron played in the early 1990s “he’d be just an average player”

Discussion in 'Sports' started by ALUX, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Someone needs to drug test this fool.
  2. Lol old glories and their egos
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  3. I think its the other way around... If Jordan played today at his prime, HE would be average. Lebron playing back then? JORDAN WHO!?

  4. I'm not so sure, in Rodman's era they were more physical, and the style of the players were more aggressive.Jordan playing today in an era where guys want to score, and not play defense, Jordan would do well maybe not 40 a game, but 25 or so not bad.As for Lebron, he would do the same but, the man wouldn't be flying around, Rodman would of put him on his ass with a hard foul, making him earn those 2 points.
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  5. I can see you points BUT lets not forget, back then, the league was filled with a TON of white guys. I mean Larry Bird was considered great and his defense was awful!
  6. LeBron would manhandle Rodman aka the worm. He has almost 40 ibs on him.
  7. "Jordan would easily average 20 points today, at the age of 50." - This was said by the man who trained Jordan, Kobe and Melo.

    Jordan would struggle more in this era because of Big 3s, but he definitely wouldn't be average. He would have a heated rivalry with Miami's big 3. And with Kobe. He also probably wouldn't be undefeated in the finals. Especially if he ran into Thunder with Harden or the Spurs big 3.

  8. :harvey:
  9. you are retarded
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