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  1. Not sure how many of you will know of him but Roger Ebert film critic of the Chicago Sun Times for 40+ years has died after a long fought battle with cancer.

    Pretty gutted me as I always enjoyed his reviews and thought he was spot on with many.

  2. Sad news, I enjoyed some of his stuff, some of his opinions on things were a bit strange and I think he needed to learn when to shut up about some things, but still a good critic, hadn't he had cancer like 5 times or something? No way to go out for anybody.
  3. Yeah he'd battled for a long time. And i agree he did have some obsure views sometimes but he was always an interesting read and brought me to a few films i wouldnt have watched. He was good with words which was why i used to enjoy his reviews.
  4. Too bad, part of pop culture history. He will be missed.
  5. RIP Ebert.
  6. Never heard of the guy, tbh. But R.I.P, I s'pose.
  7. He just wrote good reviews about the movies he was paid to write good reviews about... like every film critic
  8. True but 46 years it was for he's a part as Senhor says of pop culture history. He is one of the ultimate film buffs. Plus he was co-writer on Russ Meyers 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls' which is a cult classic.
  9. Yea he knew his shit. Idk why I felt the need to speak out against critics in this thread late last night.
  10. Fair enuf fella we all do it.
  11. Lmao I do that all the time. Wake up and think "why the fuck did I post that?"

    Anyway, RIP Ebert. Didn't read much of his stuff but yeah.
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